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Dreams are more than mere fanciful images that flit through your slumbering mind. They often hold important messages just for you. What are you trying to tell yourself?

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Here is a quick FAQ about dreams:

Q. Some of my dreams don’t make any sense at all. I heard that dreams are a way for our brains to dump information from our waking lives.
A. Yes, some dreams are exactly that. According to oneirology (the study of dreams), these “illusionary dreams” are the result of memory circuit errors. Similar to a computer defragging (consolidation of file folders to help the hard drive operate more efficiently), our brains need to process and file the deluge of incoming data taken in by our conscious minds. That’s why bizarre images seem mish-mashed together with no meaningful purpose. But there are other types of dreams, too

Q. What are other types of dreams?
A. Psychotherapists recognize the value of dreams in understanding their patients, yet they only acknowledge two types: the aforementioned illusionary dreams (brain dumping) and the “authentic dream” in which the dreamer can relate to the dream contents. Most psychologists relegate their dream understanding to Jungian or Freudian theories, generally that dreams are wish fulfillment of the dreamer.

While this is true, there are other remarkable dream experiences that go beyond this limited understanding. However, because metaphysical science is not recognized as a conventional science, skeptics dismiss the other valuable gifts that dreams hold for us.

When we sleep, our conscious minds relax and our subconscious mind steps forward. During the dream state, our subconscious mind can perceive higher vibrational energies than our conscious minds and our five senses. It is easy for spirit (spirit energy/deceased people/angels/higher evolved beings) to communicate with us during this dream state or in this dream dimension.

You don’t have to have scientific proof to look back into history to see how people have experienced prophetic dreams, inspirational dreams, divine dreams, and dreams of spirit communication. It is my personal belief that dreams are a gift to some of us as a way to hold onto our connection to the spirit dimension from which we came.

Q. So dreams help us?
A. Absolutely. Dreams can help us along our earthly journey. Even if the source is *you* and your higher self, you have a lot of inner wisdom to draw upon. So you need to ask yourself after each dream: “What am I trying to tell myself?”

What did you dream about last night? What are you trying to tell yourself?

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Pleasant dreams!


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