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Redefining the Wheels and the Edges of Our Time (part 1)

Have you ever been driving along a deserted country or highway road seeing what would appear to be “the” puddle of water throughout the middle? We know it isn’t really a puddle of water, but a reflection of the sky embedded upon a dip of the road. The closer you get to this illusion it disappears. Such is all things. The closer you get to any one of them the more you will either, see what it is you are seeing disappear or more of what it is you are encountering revealed to the extent it can be in reference to our ability to consider.

For years, personally, I have taken a certain route to one side of our city or the other. I don’t really stray too much in the physical sense. If it’s working, why mess it up? In theory, I just need to get from one place to another (right? – no short cuts or tricky maneuvers on the road…) but what if there were something missing in this process of thinking? By avoiding a bit of uncertainty, I’ve missed so much that upon its encounter I am devastated.

Recently, to “avoid” a bit of construction I took a turn down a road I usually would not. There, as most situations would allow, was the opportunity not to be missed. For the having of a red light to stop me, not only was I there long enough to feel but see and process at the same time. My stomach felt inverted - chest constricted, energy seemed void instantly as if on this Friday that which would be mostly likely felt on a busy Monday were happening this moment. Before me, wires two stories upward, hung through haze. The structure relatively new (feelings first, sight and validation second) expecting another blow from a ball and crane weathering just enough for me to see what lay on the first ground, seats.

“Not a church, just not a church...” would be my thinking. However, there was a very small, modest cross to the left of the building letting me know, without a doubt that what I was seeing was in fact to be the opposite of what I had hoped. The remnants of a beautifully – time constructed element of design and place where people would congregate. Most of which lay in rubble. The efforts of erecting this church were seen in the driver in front of me. She had no idea I had seen the look in her eyes through her rear view mirror, let alone what was defined in it self by the dropping of her mouth speechlessly.

As it would be, the church is to be demolished – a very old structure with a renovated gallery attached to appease those who felt the church was outdated, only to find the church in its final stages to be the making of a rented parking area for a newly established Arena down-town. This arena will not only be just an arena. It is the foundation of a movement for the city to be a place where not only games will pass through, but “other” business as well. Along with this arena there is, at this time, a contract for consinos and Adult clubs to be built along as well. Among many of the town's city individuals are residents whom are mostly resistant to this decision.

"It will creat jobs...!" is the retort from the issuers.

Prayers are not just words angels are not just figments of our imagination. What we are seeing verses what is actually there are not only completely separate movements but marks in our journeys. Clairvoyance is nothing more than that of discernment. The structure that was physically there is not any more. What moved individuals to build and congregate still remains....this is a start.

For any that have thought this, “Yes”, go back to school no matter the age. Go and do what it is that you have and do, do best! Walk the tightrope and do not look upon the ground for the wave to come lie underneath. Strength is not only in numbers but the self in its source of being. Breath deeply. See what it is that you have to feel.

Blessings to each this encounters. There is a second part to follow. Follow as well what you’ve been questioning. Run with it!

Elleise K. Kerrick

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