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Repeated Cycles

As discussed in Part I, the situations we repeatedly encounter or what we're drawn to are going to revolve around lessons we’ve not yet acquired in in lifetime.

The more accepting we are of our circumstance, the more aware we can become. Acknowledgement in what it is that is happening around us naturally opens doors in this particular time of learning. Voids sure to follow procrastination of any sort.

Odd things may be happening at this time: in our dreams, daily activities, or simply when we do not do what it is we know we should be and again when we participate in what is named today in generality as “Day-dreaming.” We tend our physical bodies at any given time with medicines, nutrients, food, exercise, rest, and so forth. As well, our spiritual sides require same. Be it Church meditation, yoga, meditation in itself, musical awareness, sleep, exercise, hobby and/or socializing accommodate this. Each person’s needs are just that – personal. My reasons for writing this is: As broad as the sky - having the stars seen as they may be by night, even this does not come close to what it is which lay in journey of spirit. We are offered guides, validations, and encounters with whom we can share our experiences along our way.

Everything is time appropriate. Attention is drawn, as is necessary. Though sometimes confusing, I’ve not yet encountered spiritual questions unanswered in some manner for the asking of.

Shortly after the experience in part I., I had a moment where I could physically without a doubt and within reason, release a physical structure from my mind and go to spirit one-on-one. Why not, I suppose? In spirit I had felt significant pain which remained in tact for days and in spirit I choose not to submit to this pain. Through this pain I chose to find through the higher part of myself which lay on the other side.

In asking for guidance,understanding and ease of this pain (For me, feelings are like itches that go unscratched. So, scratch) I was aware that what I needed, may well lay beyond something I may or may not have been unexcited in my own reality to pursue. Many church structures have come and gone. I suppose this is sadly unavoidable. For me, even though I could physically reason this in my mind to be out of my personal hands so-to-speak this pain was still unusual. I was not sleeping. I asked also for understanding as to why it was I was seeing and feeling differently in all things after witnessing such a sad thing.

An evening shortly after this experience I had what felt to me like an overview of an education of some kind. I have no physically intellect for how I felt or what I had experienced. Maybe it was just a dream, maybe something else.

Views of geographical locations pulsated in different colors according to what the sleep-state revealed. Throughout this state I was able to "project in thought” that I did not know where I was. Geographically I was shown my home-land pulsating in red. When correlated with outside information, after waking, (i.e. cross-referencing with geograohical,historical, etc.) the dream would show to be relatively accurate. Further, I was shown Lands that were, as best as can be described, at one time attached to the United States but were now under water. There was a reef of some kind to the East (to know me would to know that I flunked out of Geography). Many Lands were divided from my understanding of the United States by water. From there and even further a view of passage within this reef lead to greater lands and then finally to what it is was that I would be shown.

The second part of what was shown pertained to time relevance (taking a break for one very large bottle of Tylenol and herbal tea! We, from what I am to understand by all of this is, we have not yet scientifically scratched the surface in reference to such at this time. All things happen at once cumulatively. As to this, all things are not 1 - 3 dimensionally principled as we may cling on this plane in any way. Everything and everyone IS connected and experienced as a whole.

This can be conceived and identified physically by the telephone or more precisely to the cell phone of today. With cell phones we do not have the need to see or even want the cords there; You buzz, you flip you see, talk photograph, synchronize, smart palm etc. and you’re “there.” Fractionally, only - such as a grain of sand.

Had I not experienced this dream or otherwise, It would not be something I would care to write about. Personally, from this I would say to any whom may feel a stirring in their heart or soul, to absorb everything as you go. What started with a turn in the road ended with an encountered with life I would not have changed for a thing. From here there will be other experiences which will tag along to the previous and previous will lay ground for the future.

Blessings and HOPE to all whom persevere in their travels, which would again be each of us.

^0^ Elleise K. Kerrick

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