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Attracting What You Desire - Powerful Tools

As I journey along my path looking for answers to the Universal Laws and how they operate, I have tried out some theories and put them to the test. On one such occasion, several years ago, my daughter had called me to say the department store she was working for at the time, was having a drawing among all the employees (which numbered in the high hundreds). The drawing was going to be held that afternoon - and she wanted so badly to win - as the prize was a $500 wardrobe, hand-picked by the winner of the drawing.

I asked my daughter if she would be amenable to following exactly what she needed to do in order to win. She said yes, she absolutely would give it a try. I told her that emotions, visualization and thought could make her dream possible, but all three things would have to be in play for this to occur.

I asked her to see herself actually winning the drawing - lock it into her mind - notice the outfit she was wearing in her visualization, every little detail that she could; then, feel it - as if it had already happened, as if she had absolutely experienced it already - establish it as 'Fact' with every fiber of her being. The more she could get excited about it and feel it, the more she would bring it into reality. I could tell she was very receptive to try what I put forth to her, and I told her I would be thinking about her and to call me as soon as she knew anything.

A few hours later, my phone rang. It was my daughter yelling elatedly over the phone that she had won the prize at her store, out of I believe it was 900 employees!! What are the odds? 900-1. I was thrilled over her happiness. And, what about my theory that was put into practice? What are the chances that she won because she 'drew' the prize to her, as if 'magnetically'?

Well, if you are a believer as I am, and, as my daughter now is, then you know that whatever you focus on, you can bring into reality. Your thought is the seed, you expand on it by intention; in other words by 'knowing' that it is already a fact. Add emotion/feelings to that intent, and it is the drive or impetus that brings your thought into 'form' or, 'matter'. This is 'Divine' Law, or Universal Law. Have you heard of the movie, The Secret, which was released recently? This is Universal Law at work...

I have put this theory to the test many, many times over the past almost ten years. But, if you have any doubt at all, it will be a stumbling block to realizing your desire. Just remember, that whatever you focus and concentrate on, expands. By worrying about anything, only gives that thought more power, eventually manifesting itself into your reality in some manner. Whenever you start to think in a negative way, quickly shift your focus to something that would give you joy and happiness; it's just as easy - and much more rewarding. You are what you believe - you bring about whatever your core belief feels you deserve. Have you ever said, after something happened to you, "I knew that was going to happen". Well, that's actually WHY it happened -because you 'knew' it in advance. It's kind of like already having programmed yourself.

They say 'you are what you eat' - well, it's much more than that. You are what you think and feel - because life doesn't just happen - our belief system is at the core of what we attract in life - and it all comes into play through vibrations that are given off from our thoughts, feelings and words. It causes a sort of 'ripple' effect out into the Universe. If you give out positive, you attract positive. Conversely, if you think negatively, you only attract the same. Think of your thoughts and feelings as a boomerang that goes out into the Universe and brings back what it is you are 'intent' on - believing. That is why your 'core' beliefs are so important - insofar as it is of the utmost importance that you think positively and FEEL that intent as you send it out into the Universe - to come back manifesting itself into your reality..

I have been able to have some success financially through these same steps. I have won quite a few lottery monies whenever I have really applied myself. For some people it comes easier than others. But, as long as you believe it, envision what it is you want, and get emotional about it - it will come to pass for you!

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