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What's your 'label'?

Labels are something that we usually see inside the collars of the clothes we buy and wear, but the kind of 'labels' I want to discuss today are the labels that people often put on other people because it is serving their purpose by using a particular label as a 'control' mechanism or maybe it comes in handy as a way to not have to accept responsibility for the way in which the 'labeler' treats someone or other people.

For instance, we can say 'oh, Mary is too sensitive' - and that will shift the responsibility of whatever is going on from the perpetrator to the victim -- thus also relieving the perpetrator of any guilt while at the same time avoiding the finger of blame for possibly mistreating or causing an injustice or indiscretion with regard to that particular person -- and all because that person was slapped with a label -- which in essence gives the 'labeler' an invisible shield of protection .

I had this very same label chasing me around throughout my entire life, and I can tell you that it is strictly a 'cop-out' -- or a tool, if you will, to enable people to act in inappropriate ways towards another, and then get away with it - totally.

There are many labels out there - and because there is no shortage of people who have a tendency to 'control' things - there will never be a shortage of labels to go around.

I have always felt that my sensitive nature actually has many more pluses than minuses because it makes me more aware of other people's feelings - and needs - and it also makes me empathetic as well as compassionate. More people should have a label like that. And, even though being 'sensitive' has been a stigma on me throughout my life - because people have used it against me, being sensitive makes me a more 'in-touch' and aware person. It allows me to pick up on subtle things that go on around me - and seems to work hand in glove with my intuitive powers. That is why I always go by my 'gut' feelings about something - they are usually never wrong.

As far as I'm concerned when someone sticks a label on you, it's because they perceive you as some type of a threat to them, in whatever shape or form that 'threat' may be. Being around you makes them feel insecure, i.e., not in control, and for the labeler, that is the worst position they could possibly be in. Therefore, you must be 'equalized' - ergo, they slap a label on you, and Voila! there must be something wrong with you!!

Unfortunately, there will always be 'controllers' who need to keep you in line in whatever manner they can find - whether it be through humiliation or intimidation - and I think labeling would fall under the category of intimidation. It's actually being judgmental, not to mention opinionated, and the 'labeler' is acting as the judge and jury.

Maybe some day they will be tried and convicted as well in a court of their peers - in other words, a jury full of 'labelers'.

"Judge not lest you be judged'......and so it goes.........

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