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The Art of Lucid Dreaming Program Review

Rebecca Turner was just a 14 year old girl when she had her first lucid dream. After reading a magazine article on the subject, she became fascinated by the ability to be aware of being in a dream which is what lucid dreaming is all about. Study and experimentation followed. Armed with a self-hypnosis tape and what she calls "reality checks" that are tricks she uses during dream state to be able to tell if she is awake or dreaming, she had her very first lucid dream.

Today, she is the creator and author of a comprehensive program that teaches people how to lucid dream. The World of Lucid Dreaming is her website that markets her boxed set "Fast Track to Lucid Dreaming" which includes self-hypnosis audio downloads. Dreamers can sign up for her free newsletter and register for the site's forum without purchasing anything. You can find many helpful articles on her site, again free of charge.

Hers isn't the only program on lucid dreaming but I have to say that her book was impressive because it explained a potentially complex subject clearly and succinctly without any dubious opinions, save for one I'll tell you about later. The ebook is beautifully illustrated by her husband which I found very appealing as most ebooks are only text. She adds just enough science background without delaying the techniques you can use to get started on your own lucid dreaming journey. The five parts (not chapters) of her book include chapters on the hypnogogic dream state, lucid dreaming techniques, dream control, advanced lucid dreaming and even some information about supplements that can aid lucid dreaming.

She claims that her program can help anyone experience a lucid dream, and I've yet to confirm this because I have been able to lucid dream from the time I was a small child. Her techniques, especially on creating "reality checks" and being able to control what is going on in your dream, are fascinating though. For example, when during her dream she begins to question if she is awake or dreaming, she'll push her fingers through the palm of her other hand. Of course, if she is able to do so, she knows she is dreaming. In fairness to her, I won't divulge more.

My own lucid dreaming experiences
Lucid dreaming was natural for me ever since I could recall my dreams as a young child. They didn't happen nightly but they did happen frequently enough for me to marvel at the difference between a night's typical dream and a "real" dream experience as I naively called it. There was an unmistakable, irrefutable feeling of "real-ness" during my lucid dreams. I could feel, smell and taste in these dreams. Yet, I knew I was dreaming because of the things that happened that violated physical earth laws such as gravity, weather patterns and color perception. The one concept with which I disagree is Turner's insistence that deceased loved ones do not visit during dreams. Anyone who has experienced a meeting with the spirits of loved ones how have passed knows that while not all of those dream appearances are true visitations, some without a doubt are.

The purpose of lucid dreaming
Everyone has his or her own motive for learning how to lucid dream. Some find it a spectacular portal into other worlds or dimensions and just want to experience the freedom and creativity of lucid dreaming. Others believe that by controlling their dreams, they can control what results in their waking lives; that by controlling the subconscious lives, they can manifest it in their conscious lives.

Lucid dreaming can be powerful dream therapy or creative aid. For example, one can return to his past to remedy something or can work out the bugs in an invention without having to go through all the physical experimentation in waking life. Yet, both of these can be attained just as or if not more effectively during daydreaming and hypnosis sessions rather than lucid dreaming.

In my opinion, control during lucid dreaming is a phenomenon that should be experienced infrequently because it interferes with the subconscious mind's ability to communicate freely. The benefit of dreaming is to see what your subconscious mind wants to say. Lucid dreaming or being aware of being in a dream is not the hindrance but trying to consciously control what goes on during the dream can be. That is activating the conscious mind with all of its waking life baggage and influence which is something that is delightfully out of the way during typical sleep periods. Still, Turner's program is one I would recommend for anyone who wants to learn about lucid dreaming and to experiment with this amazing feat.

About this product: Kindle version is only $9.99 through Amazon but I purchased the $37 program from the site World of Lucid Dreaming as it came with two downloadable audio files for expanded hypnosis sessions and free upgrades for life. One could find similar self-hypnosis videos or audios on Youtube.com to go with the e-book to save some money.

I purchased this program with personal funds for my own use. It was not provided by the creator/author as a promotional copy.

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