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Magical Names

Using a magical name in the craft is an old and important part of our tradition. There was a time when it protected those who would be killed if it was known that they were of the Wiccan faith. If someone was arrested, they would only know the magical name of others, thus protecting each other. I feel that a magical name is something that works for some, feel like the wrong size dress for others. That is, it may sound pretty, but it is not a reflection of the person within.

Although magical names have been used for many years, they are not something that has to be done, such as a step or goal to becoming enlightened. They are only something that will help you focus your energies on the intent you are working. A magical name can be beautiful and fulfilling, but not a must have.

Not to dismiss the idea, magical names can help connect you to the Divine, or with your intended path more closely. Many people feel protected by anonymity when using a magical name, this then frees them to concentrate on being able to learn and ask questions with confidence.

There seems to be a trend towards finding a magical name as a necessary step before proceeding with learning about Wicca. This is simply not true. There are fun sites that will match you up with some mystical, breezy sounding name, that seems to be a persona you would hope to become. This sounds wonderful, but belittles the idea of becoming or practicing Wicca. Let me once again stress, finding and using a magical name is an extremely personal thing. It is different for everyone, and there are many who simply do not feel they need one.

If you feel that you would like to find a magical name for yourself, here are some steps to help you choose.

Meditation - If you have been reading for the past year, you are not surprised to read this. I feel that meditation is a large part of being a Wiccan. It is what I still practice doing, and feel that I have not perfected, after all these years. Meditation is a tool that is always with you, always useful, yet the least used. Contemplate where you see yourself right now. Are you beginning your journey? Concentrate on those images that come up when you think of yourself as a strong, loving person. Write the images in your BOS and think on them as you go about your days.

Journaling - Are you spending time each day, just writing? Try taking 5 minutes and simply let the words flow. Do not correct, spell check, think to deeply on what you have written. When the time is up, reread and see if there is a phrase or word that you see with regularity. How about a theme? It is also useful to keep your dreams written here. I keep a small notebook by my bedside, and record any dreams that I remember. To me, these are things that need mulling over.

Listen to your inner voice - Possibly the hardest one to do, listening to your inner voice is a great way to find the spiritual name that fits you the best. There is nothing wrong with having a conversation with yourself. Often we want something, like a mystical name, but our inner voice is reminding us that we are not trying to be mystical. We are trying to remain grounded to the energy of the earth.

No matter how you choose to find your name, know that it is a special and personal journey that is to be cherished. It will not happen immediately, it will not happen on a web board or during an online chat. If it is something close to your heart and you listen carefully, you may already know what it is.

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