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Body Grounding

Do you often find yourself misplacing things? Does your mind feel scattered or frantic? Do you worry a lot or feel unable to turn your thoughts off when you go to bed or have trouble sleeping? Do you feel stressed, fatigued, anxious or have panic attacks? Your bio-rhythms could be out of sync. All of these are symptoms you may feel when your body is not adequately grounded.

How are we grounded and how did we become ungrounded?
In the beginning of time man lived a much simpler life than we do today. Originally we lived on the ground in caves and humble dwellings with dirt floors. We lived without electricity for hundreds of years and heated with wood. As we evolved and modernized our lives we started building houses with raised floors, floors with carpet, tile or vinyl coverings that disconnected us from the earth.

Man once ran around barefoot or wore moccasins made of animal skins on his feet. As time went on and we became more civilized we started manufacturing synthetic materials to use on the soles of our modern shoes. We added electric power to our homes that produced an alternating current that interfered with the direct current our bodyís internal bio-electrical systems uses.

Still more advances came along with the invention of cell phones and wireless towers to support wireless communication. All of these new innovations interfere with or wreak havoc with our bodyís own systems and stopped the natural grounding process. No one realized this was happening to our bodies or that our bodies needed to be grounded until recently.

How does grounding our bodies benefit us?
Grounding reduces stress, improves sleep significantly, relives chronic back and joint pain, it allows muscles to relax and overall health improves. When the body is grounded it is naturally protected from static electricity and radiated electrical fields that damage the body and weaken the bodyís bio-electrical functions. It is also a way to absorb antioxidants that protect us from the free radicals that damage our DNA. Who would have thought we could absorb them through skin contact with the earth itself? Itís true.

How do we repair or prevent these type of symptoms and return our bodies to normal?
1) The simplest and fastest way is to simply walk outside in our bare feet.
2) Take a walk along the shoreline at the beach or lie on the sand with as much skin contact as possible.
3) Do grounding exercises that include visualization of a grounding cord running down from our chakras to the center of the earth much like a tree root.
4) If itís not possible to get outside to ground yourself you can also do so by using grounding pads and other earthing products in your home.

I hope you found this both interesting and informative. For more information about grounding exercises there is a book that can be purchased from Amazon on the subject called Getting Grounded by Michael Nagel MA. He is a counselor trained in body oriented psychology. A link is provided below for your convenience.

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