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Chimpanzee Stealing Kitten Dream Interpretation

“I dreamt that I was standing on the back porch of my house, watching my cute little kitten play on the grass. As it came towards me, a monkey (it looked like a chimpanzee) scampered into the yard. It was eating a banana but with its other arm, it grabbed my kitten and began to run towards the trees. I was shocked and frightened because this monkey was stealing away my precious kitten! I opened my mouth to shout at the monkey to make it drop the kitten but suddenly, I heard a voice say, “Call to the kitten.”

So instead of yelling at the monkey, I gently and sweetly called to my kitten which promptly wriggled out of the monkey’s grip and ran right into my arms. I was so relieved and happy.” (L.P.)

When a primate appears in your dreams, pay attention to what type of ape it is because they differ in traits. Monkeys often represent playfulness or non-serious trouble while gorillas can be a big, but surmountable challenge. (See Bellaonline’s Ape Monkey Gorilla Dream Symbol article.) Typically, a monkey dream indicates that there are some shenanigans going on in one’s waking life but because the dreamer believed that this ape was a chimpanzee, she has more to worry about.

Chimps are known in scientific studies to not only be intelligent but aggressive. Highly social, they are aware of status within a group and can be manipulative in order to achieve their desires.

The Dream Symbols
Chimpanzee. A potentially manipulative person. A highly social person that has a good sense of humor.
Kitten. A not-so-innocent yet still naïve person in our life. Young. Not fully matured.
Eating banana. Possibly a phallic symbol but also a sign that efforts will receive only short-lived and small reward.
Stealing kitten. Someone is threatening to steal away the young person.
Calling to the kitten. Appealing to the kitten.

The Dream Interpretation
The banana-eating chimp represents someone in this dreamer’s waking life who is threatening to steal away a male in her life. Because this male is depicted by a kitten, not a cat, he is youthful but growing towards independence. (Unlike a mature cat, a kitten is still innocent rather than street-wise so this young male is somewhat naïve.) The dreamer fears losing this person but is being guided to call to him (the kitten) to get it to return to her instead of attacking the monkey (the threatening person). By calling sweetly and beckoning to this male, he will wrest itself free of the monkey on his own and run home.

In her waking life, this dreamer was experiencing problems with her young adult son’s troubled girlfriend. Interestingly enough, her character traits were similar to a chimp’s in that she was aggressive, manipulative, and both attention- and status-seeking. Her son was not very experienced with girls and women but anxious to grow into manhood. There had been talk about both of them moving across the country together, much to the dreamer’s chagrin. Neither had completed college or embarked on any sustainable career, and the girlfriend encouraged a lot of dark distractions. To make things worse, she kept the son on an emotional roller-coaster with her disturbing behavior.

The dreamer felt that this girl was a bad influence on her son but didn’t know how to convince him that she was not a good fit.

Dream Therapy
Dreams have a way of providing solutions to waking life problems. I reminded this dreamer that because the girlfriend was represented by a chimpanzee, the trouble would be passing and surmountable. This dreamer did exactly as was suggested during her dream: She refrained from criticizing her son’s girlfriend or arguing with either of them. Instead, she simply continued to pour out motherly love to her son and directed everyone else in the family to do the same. Every interaction with her son became positive, happy, supportive and loving so he could see the stark difference between his family’s constant love and his girlfriend’s haughty, critical, morose, manipulative and pushy ways.

In the end, her young adult son did not want to forsake the family who had loved and supported him for his entire life for an unknown future with an unbalanced girl he’d known only for a few months. She called to her kitten and he came running home.

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