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'If You Don't Stand for Something - You'll Fall For Anything'

How many of you have heard this expression? As I've gotten older, it seems to have more and more meaning to me and become much clearer in its message. I don't know who said it originally, but I think it's a powerful message that drives home the point of having convictions and the integrity and strength of character to stick by them and stand up for them.

A case in point that comes immediately to mind is the Terri Schiavo case currently being emblazoned into our minds and hearts - and the ongoing tug-of-war over life or death for this once healthy and beautiful young woman. It has to be a parents' worst nightmare to have to battle the courts over keeping their (adult) child alive - and the constant uphill battle loving and courageous families go through each and every day for years, when a tragedy like hers befalls them and becomes their entire life and reason for being - just to be able to love and care for their loved one, day by day by day.

The Schindler family is a courageous family full of love, faith and hope, and to my way of thinking that kind of conviction and determination can move mountains. As Dr. Wayne Dyer has said in his many inspirational appearances, "Believing is Seeing".

It is so easy to sit idly by and watch the injustices being done on a daily basis - and not get involved - that is, if you want the easy way out. I think about how I would feel if one of my beloved family members or dear friend was lying there, vulnerable and at the mercy of judges, courts and most especially a 'husband', who has since moved on with his life, the soon-to-be widower. This same man who will also soon be available to marry his long-time girlfriend and mother of his children.

Then, to hear while watching the news on television, if these reports are true, that for the last two days, the parents had to wait outside of their own daughter's room because her 'husband' and his family were visiting - at one point for 12 hours --- 12 hours! thereby holding the parents at bay, waiting those 12 crucial and precious hours to be able to visit with their daughter -- as her life slowly ebbs away. I have to wonder if 'control' comes into play in this scenario.

Yes, we are justified in feeling anger at this sad state of affairs and the way this is being handled. By most accounts, Terri has not even had certain key tests that would define what level of consciousness she is actually at - some experts say a 'vegetative' state, but yet it has been disclosed that there are other tests yet to be given which could prove conclusively one way or the other whether the initial 'vegetative' state is, in fact, a valid conclusion, or if she is actually in a 'minimal consciousness' state.

I am proud of my fellow Americans, the hundreds of humanitarians who are down in Florida and morally supporting the Schindlers at this horrific point in time. Hasn't this family suffered enough? and then to have their daughter plucked from them after they have been attending her and caring for her for these past fifteen long years, is beyond a decent and moral person's comprehension, to say the least.

As some experts on TV have pointed out, it is illegal to starve a dog to death -you would be hauled away and jailed for doing that, which is what is being done right now to Terri Schiavo. Where there is hope, there is life - and where there is life, there is always hope. Faith can move mountains. "Man proposes --- but God disposes".

Remember, "Believing is Seeing".........Miracles happen every day - why not today?

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