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If We Could Talk to the Animals

I remember as a child being fascinated with the character of Dr. Doolittle. How wonderful it would be to have the kind of lifestyle and surroundings depicted in the movie. Not only did he speak with the animals he preferred conversation to them. I think all of us at one time or another have felt a certain kind of kindred spirit with certain animals. Be it a childhood pet, newly acquired,or one we merely happen upon time and time again. No other experience could replace the memories of that wonderful furry or feathered friend who graced our life if just for a few years. I am positive I would find many who would admit to having more than just the memories of such an animal, but a solid relationship. One with communication and heartfelt joy. Are we really that far fetched in believing we can in fact speak with the animals? Hardly!

I have spoken often of the swallows who frequent the farm here but I’ve not mentioned any of the waywards nor the 20 year old springer spaniel whom has held on all these years if not just for the food, to be best friend and companion. To some it may appear a bit like Noah’s Ark here. For myself it is a home away from home. Not a single animal new or old causes grief or inconvenience. They all are very aware of their surroundings and integrate accordingly. This is all nice and good, but how is it they communicate with us? Generally speaking, through mental energies (mental vibrations) of sorts which translate via flashes of imagery.

It has always been my opinion, what ever it is that man can do nature can do better. The Earth takes nothing without giving something back. Where we have satellite the Earth and its inhabitants have vibrational energies. These energies may be noticed by some reflected by a low grade "hum." More often than not it will go unnoticed. With animals the ability to refine and condense so to speak these vibrations in order to better communicate allows messages, sensations and emotions to be reciprocated. Much like telepathy. Past memories as well as present depending on what the animal is needing to convey may be experienced. This can be hard to validate unless you have acquired an animal from a previous owner. For instance, two horses were brought to this farm. One had a good disposition the other had been labled troubled and was to be put down. Over a period of two months I had repeated images of blows to the head, specifically the left side. I have found recently the previous owners had used a wrench to discipline this "unruly" horse. It was completely unecessary as the horse is and had been civil. After 8 months of communication it boiled down to the fact the horse was being trained for something he was just not cut out for, racing. He is very sensitive, highly intelligent and wonderful with children.

There are ways we can refine this experience to better open this communication. In this case the first step is far from being the hardest. It lies in the ability to channel in mind rather than to hear with our ears. This can be initiated by seeking out silence. No TV, music, radio, nothing but for what you might hear through the outdoors. This can be difficult if you live in the bounds of a busy city. In this case pack a picnic lunch and head out to the nearest lake or park. The fewer people the better. Be sure to pack a good book and necessities if this is your first experience with complete quiet. You may find at first to be restless and for some even hard to breathe. Although this can be unsettling it will pass. You can help it along by holding your breath in intervals of 10 seconds and exhaling in intervals of 10 seconds. Repeat as necessary until a comfortable state of relaxation is entered.

This can also be a helpful exercise in identifying issues within ourselves which may need addressing. Primarily angers and resentments. By jotting down random images or emotions on paper we are allowed to address these further at a later time. In settling the waters within,we are more able to bask in the waters surrounding.

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Peace and serenity in all of life ~ Elleise

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