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Move towards positivity

There is no harm in taking some time alone to think, or distancing yourself from someone or something that drives you crazy. In fact its healthy to do so.

Removing yourself from a person or situation that makes you feel bad or causes you stress actually improves your health and well being. You can physically remove yourself, or you can mentally distance yourself as a protective measure.

Sometimes people unknowingly or knowingly act in ways that make us feel bad. Sometimes the root of their bad behavior lies in their own low self esteem or stress in their lives, and of course some people are just negative and toxic.

No one has all the answers when it comes to human behavior. We are all just trying to get through life the best way we can.

As we get older life becomes an intuitive balancing act of knowing what to hold onto and what to let go of. There is no harm in this. Its just the process of life. People change, people grow, people move in different directions. Moving forward is always a good thing, although it may not feel that way initially.

Letting go of a person or situation that causes you stress, does not mean you do not care. It just means you need to take care of yourself, and you need to feel well. Sometimes taking care of yourself means surrounding yourself with positive people that make you smile and laugh and feel comfortable and good. Positive people create harmony wherever they go. They leave footprints in our life that feel good.

Negative people unfortunately have their own set of problems that bring them down mentally, and in turn they bring everyone else down. You can be supportive and care for them, that is what being a friend or family member means.

But if you find you are being negatively affected by this person, maybe its time to let go, or at the very least distance yourself and take some time to breathe and to think things over and see how you feel.

If you find you feel good and healthier without this person in your life, maybe that is the path you should follow. Move towards people and things that make you feel good in your life, because that is where your health and happiness begins.

Negative people create bad feelings in themselves and others. Positive people rub off on us, and help us to see the positive side of life, and this feels good.

Take a moment to think of the positive people in your life that help you to feel well. Then take a moment to think of the people who affect your life negatively. Notice how you feel when thinking of each person. A good feeling will come over you when you think of someone who is positive. A tense feeling will come over your body when you think of a negative influence.

One of the keys to good health is distancing yourself from the negative people and the bad feelings they create. All it takes is a simple plan to remove yourself from the situation. Always remember that you are in control of your life, and you can do anything.

One of the best feelings in life, and something you will always thank yourself for is removing yourself from a stressful situation.

Itís important to be aware of your feelings about people and situations, and to make the right choices in life. Itís equally important to be become a positive person yourself. Your health and happiness, and the health and happiness of the people in your life depend on it.

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