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Fruits of the Harvest

In all things opposition can be seen in the creativity of change. From bulbs and fruits forcing their way to a visible surface to the harshest of winters dissolving into matter for the new growths of spring. Can the same opposition of creativity be asking us for the change in moving on and how can we incorporate this into a resolution we can live with?

No matter where we are in life it is certain we are always in the process of heading somewhere new. When symmetry and understanding of what we are doing day to day is in order as far as we understand it we can continue to do much the same with little thought. It isnít until the weight shifts to a level of noticeable discomfort we are left questioning why we continue and what the possibilities are in furthering a quality outcome.

When anything rolls down a hill there seems to indicate a deliberate and confident process of certainty within the motion. When in reality there is little knowledge of where or what is going to happen really, but for the direction of momentum. There could be a myriad of uneventful things along the way of this certain pathway. But in the force itself, if nothing substantial were to intervene all will follow accordingly. Even if there were to be intervention, in all likelihood the process of a stone or similar object at the very least would end only to find the resting-place of significant likelihood

Sometimes we are asked to accept things we arenít able to stop or change due to a similar kind of momentum and for the most part this can feel to be either a selfless or even painful task at best. Yet in an existence where all things are allowable each are directly effected by the freedom of will and ego of another. Energy and enthusiasm can become exhausted in willing things a particular way when going against substantial odds. It is then it can become a wise and invigorating experience to step aside-allowing time to replenish what has been lost in the initial effort.

When our days start to suggest sensations of significant oppression and futility this would indicate an altered view of some kind is necessary. Much like a person would in looking for ripened tomatoes on a vine. You may stare at a plant thinking youíve collected all there is only to return a few moments later with 3 bright red tomatoes staring you straight in the face. How we could have missed something so obvious in view remains only in the way we were positioned at the time to collect what we wanted or needed.

If for the time being we have given much effort with little to show, there truly can be a time to retreat and do nothing. Whether stepping away for the first time, or leaving a situation entirely we can always approach again after a period of rest. More likely than not an avenue will be seen which had been in oversight or hidden by our own intent at the time. A portion of the situation may even be able to be discarded altogether.

Remembering the past doesnít wear well we can see in all things whether it be finance, prestige, emotions, stresses or relationship efforts in trying to incorporate our ever changing development of the future into a square pegged present becomes futile. After a time disappointing and downtrodden outlooks as a whole become more frequent and taint lifeís experiences.

When the temporary effects of heaviness and sorrow wear our hearts instead of passing through we become impaired as the spiritual beings we are. We can alter our perceptions to justify current outlooks or live by our own definitions but our quality of life and experiences deteriorate. On the other hand when we live each day as we would the first trip to a garden so to speak it is all new and will be approached as the invigorating threshold as it should. In this we allow for ourselves everything a harvest could reap without missing a single fruit.

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Best Wishes and Peace ~ Elleise

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