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Angelic Presences and Dreams

In some dreams we see reflections of people we know, particular situations and even capture events of the past. But when dreams and critical moments in our life reveal something more that changes us forever, is it safe to assume there is another hand of added influence at work? Are angelic and spiritual beings letting us know they exist or are we experiencing fleeting hallucinations of the mind?

There is a saying, “When in Rome…”

As our waking -busy experiences reflect the common physical, personal more spiritual revelations can feel to be more of a private matter. Though both are part of our life experience here, encounters with our angels in speaking terms, seem to be something we exchange primarily when we feel certain others are able to confirm them.

When people do talk about angels, we can usually find notable presence during periods we are most likely to pay attention. Near death experiences, a loss of a loved one or for some periodically through most of their lives. Though emotions may pave the way for spiritual interaction, in no way can all effects be attributed to a trick of subconscious.

For a period we may feel vulnerable in speaking of celestial events, however, over time the sense of feeling almost obligated in sharing reaffirms the existence of what is real. Similarities without explanation seem to fall into place as if to affirm the experiences when we are willing to expose the possibility.

For myself, I have been a part of a wonderful experience, which took many, many encounters before, working, and speaking with spiritually gifted children and adults became something I could do openly. Now it is very much a part of my every day life. In childhood years angelic encounters though not commonly spoken of within the home, found enlightenment, intrigue, and encouragement later in adult years, not only through others, but through my parents as well.

My mother in particular spoke of finding me sleepwalking throughout the house between 1:30 am and 3:15 am. My destination seemed to repeat itself with conversation directed toward the far northwest corner of the ceiling. She noted my end of the conversation seemed to deal with worldly events. Though she could not see or hear anything herself, she would listen to what appeared to be a two-way conversation. To this day I remember referring to these beings as angels. I remember there were three.

It is as clear today how I had felt then. Though I was told I had been sleepwalking, I was very much aware of a condition I looked forward to for approximately 2-3 weeks. I was never startled when my mother would gently call me back. Though I do remember a pulling sensation as my attention was gradually drawn to her voice.

It is important for people not only to hear of these experiences but also to share them openly. We may be spontaneously visited or desire communication with our angel guides. In this case, all we need do is ask. Gradually, through profound coincidence and often without explanation dreams and events will affirm what is necessary in the information we receive.

For myself, these experiences leave a sense of elation as well as sadness almost simultaneously. As if having a chance encounter with a long lost friend or love from the past. These experiences are never fearful and come with almost an inability to place proper wording in their description.

When it comes to fantasy and hallucinations they may provide entertainment, a sense of superiority and possible control. Where as experiences dealing with angelic encounters may leave us feeling vulnerable at first and uncertain in how we use to see our lives. Subconscious whims lack conviction of wholeness and truth, where as angelic influence leaves a sense of continuation as it may take days, months and even years to come to terms with the effect. Where fantasies often approach us in a way that provides a source for pre-determined goals, angelic intervention often catches us off guard

Though hallucinations or angelic intervention can leave an acting impression, neither are likely to be found with any concrete bill of scientific evidence to adhere to a universal logic of explanation. Quite possibly the proof is in the effects of the experience itself. Waiting as well for the most concrete evidence of all, faiths in the hearts of the many that they do exist without a doubt.

Blessings to each and their travels!


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