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Ghost Dreams

Whether you believe or donít believe in ghosts doesnít matter to the dreaming mind. Symbolically the ghost represents fear, unfinished business, regret, or feelings about someone you know who may, or may not, be deceased.

Was it a visitation?
Yes, the spirits of the deceased can visit us in dreams. If your dream was of a loved one, or friend, who has passed over, it may just be that spirit reaching out to you. Dreams seem to be a more comfortable middle ground between the living and those in spirit. In dreams the living are far more likely to accept the presence of the deceased, whereas in waking life they may not trust their intuition, and will brush off their feelings of being contacted.

Ghosts are shadows of the past.
One of the first times I had an encounter with a ghost, it was clear that it was a completely different entity than a being who had passed on and moved into the light. Ghosts are afraid to move on, afraid to let go, and are hollow, empty shells of the person they used to be. They have no energy source, other than the living, so they haunt the living (draining their energy), and the earthly place they feel tied to.

If there are ghosts in your dream, and it is pretty clear they arenít the spirits of deceased loved ones, then consider that itís representing, metaphorically, something from your past that may be haunting you; something you may regret, that is draining your energy that you have yet to let go of.

Itís important to look at your feelings in a ghost dream. Were you frightened? Did you run away? Did you face up to the ghost? If you were able to face the ghost, or confront it, then symbolically, you may be ready to face your fears or any past mistakes that may still be haunting you.

If you ran away from the ghost, or if the ghost chased you, your dream may be trying to tell you itís time to face your fears.

Ghost and haunted houses.
Houses, or homes, most often represent the dreamer. The attic or basement would be unconscious aspects. The bedroom would represent a place of rest, rejuvenation or sexuality. The kitchen would represent nurturing and how you were cared for.

If there is a ghost haunting a home in your dream, itís important to look at which room itís haunting. If itís haunting the attic, it may represent something from your distant past that you donít quite yet understand. If itís haunting the bedroom, it may represent a more current situation.

Ghost dreams can be frightening; and that fear can linger long after the dream fades away. However ghost dreams carry with them the possibility of healing past regrets so that your current life may be lived more joyfully.

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