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Basic Tools of Wicca

Wiccan ritual and spell work can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make it. There is a multi-million dollar market in America for supplies for witches to perform their magick. Many new to the path will obsess about obtaining all kinds of fancy tools in hopes of enhancing their magical workings. While no tools are really needed, let's look briefly at the most common ones and their uses.

Athame - This is a double edged knife used to direct energy. Athames are usually dull as they are not meant to physically cut anything. I personally use mine to carve in candles, stir things in the cauldron, and have even chopped up herbs. The athame is a symbol of the God and associated with Air.

Book of Shadows - This is perhaps a Witch's most prized possession. A Book of Shadows (or BoS) is usually a physical book picked out to hold information relative to your person path. It can be a spiral notebook, a 3 ring binder to easily add and remove pages, or a hard bound blank book that you write in. I actually have three Books of Shadows. Two hard bound books, one holds basic information and the other is solely for my rituals and spells. The third is a 3 ring binder with sections for herbs and herbal recipes, a section for the Sabbats, and a section I use for odd notes or items I would like to research.

Cauldron - What is a witch without a cauldron! The cauldron is a very symbolic tool. It represents the womb of the Goddess and a vessel of knowledge. The cauldron is used to create and destroy. It protects spell materials such as candles if you need to leave one burning for a period of time. You can cook an herbal mixture or burn slips of papers with prayers and wishes on them.

Chalice - This is a cup that is a representation of the Goddess. In the symbolic Great Rite, the athame is lowered into the chalice filled with a blessed liquid to represent the sexual union of the God and Goddess. The chalice also holds the liquid for a cake and ale portion of a ritual.

Incense - Any form of incense can be used. When I don't have time to gather and hand mix herbs, i use sticks or cones. Incense is used to purify your sacred space , to aid meditation and cleanse ritual tools.

Wand - These are also used to direct energy in circle. A wand is as simple as a stick found on a nature walk to an ornately decorated stick.

Bell - A bell is used for several reasons. A bell when used in a coven ritual signifies the beginning of ritual. The sound of a bell can also chase negative energy from your space.

This is a brief overview of common tools. Look for more detailed articles in the future. Sign up for my FREE newsletter on the right side of your screen to be notified when new articles are available to view.

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