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Decking the Halls, Frying the Bacon up in a Pan - - You are W-o-m-a-n

Okay, now, tell me, how many of you have, in the midst of your already busy days being mother, business woman, wife and homemaker already shopped for the Holidays, wrapped the presents, put up the tree, and still been able to prepare your nightly meals and be on-call daily for your husband and children? Well, whoever you are - you get the Ms. Perfect award (and you can sit down and stop patting yourself on the back now) - and all I can say is that I hope you are in the minority -- oh I know there are some of you out there that always seem to have it all together, but for the majority of us they would have to add another 10 hours to our day in order to accomplish everything on our plate. My guess would be that a lot of you who have nodded 'yes' either don't work outside the house or pardon the expression, have more than ample resources to get done what you need to get done - pronto. Money has a way of enabling people to do that.

For the rest of us, we are plugging away and will eventually get our tasks accomplished, as long as they don't put one more item on our plate. For me, I've just moved into my new house - -- and I can't even locate my pots in order to be able to 'fry the bacon up in the pan' (did I hear someone say 'take-out'?).... When you get a chance, check out my recent article I wrote entitled "House No. 75", for a little chuckle or two. Well, actually, my pots are still sitting in the PODS - which I don't even want to think about tackling only three weeks before the Holidays.

More importantly, my daughter is due to give birth with her first child - my first grandchild - and we are having a baby shower for her imminently. So, of course, that is my No. 1 priority. Any of you psychics out there - it would be greatly appreciated if you would drop me a line letting me know if the baby will be a boy or girl, so I can have a jump on planning accordingly. (Note to myself: Don't forget to schedule 'Intuitive" classes).

I have a friend whose friend's daughter gave birth to triplets last year - she already had a two year old at home. So, she went to the hospital with one chld, and came home having a family of four. God Bless. More power to you, I say. I also say - better you than me. I've also been told that this woman with now four small children is super organized, efficient and runs a tight ship. (Note to self: Find out her DNA code - schedule immediate surgery!)

My cats are staring at me as I write this article -- I can imagine what they are saying to each other. They are my 'empty nest' buddies. They keep me company through thick and thin. But, lately, I imagine they are saying I haven't been holding up my end of the bargain. They've been running around a barren house that has only carpeting and a few chairs - they are of the opinion I've lost my mind. They stare at me looking for some semblance of my former self - my pre-move self. They wonder when they will see a cozy home, with the home fires burning, and a tree with all the trimmings -- so they can start doing what they do best -- unraveling everything. Ah yes, those were the good old days, only we didn't know it then. Ahh yes, IF ONLY........but, don't get me started........

I believe it is said that 'Moving' is about No. 5 on a list of most traumatic things that can happen to you. Death of a loved one, Divorce, Loss of job and maybe 'Financial Ruin' come right before 'Moving' (just kidding on the 'financial ruin', but it should be on the list). Then, I think 'Going to the Dentist' follows (just kidding again).

I hope you've enjoyed my little tongue-in-cheek epilogue. Drop me a line if you have a suggestion to make - or if you have something you'd like to say..... a point to make? a critique?...... a compliment, perhaps?

I value your viewership and welcome your comments. I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Shopping -- and Cooking -- and Wrapping -- and Hostess-ing -- and Party-ing -- and Cleaning-up .....and RETURNING....and on.....and on......

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