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Ex-lover Ex-husband Ex-wife Ex Dream Symbol

Youíve left someone behind but he keeps appearing in your dreams. This doesnít necessarily mean that you have a secret desire to reconnect but it does indicate that your subconscious mind is holding onto something within the relationship even if it is fear or other bad feelings.

When trying to discern the symbols in your dream, first consider your waking life feelings about your ex. Do you want to reconcile? This dream could be a wish fulfillment type of dream. If not, consider the following possible interpretations:

Dreaming of reconciling
Getting back together. Even though you may not admit it, there is a small part of you that misses the something you once had with your ex. This does not mean that you should get back together but that there is something you miss.
Getting back together only to find that he/she cheats on you again. This is your subconscious mind reminding you of the pain you experienced and that if you reconciled, you could be hurt again.
Seeing the two of you married in the future. If this is not a wish fulfillment type of dream symbol, it points to a possible future that you have averted.
Having a child with your ex. There is something positive you can glean from your relationship. What have you learned? Accomplished? Created? Sometimes, we are with another person for only a short time but for good reason.

Dreaming of the break-up
Rehashing the break-up. Going over the details of a past break-up is a way for your subconscious mind to work out the anguish and stress.
Re-doing the break-up. Perhaps, things could have been approached differently for a different outcome.

Dreaming of being chased
Being chased by your ex.Your ex may not be willing to let you go. Alternatively, you canít stop thinking about him or your past with him.

Killing your ex
Killing a person in a dream can seem frightening but it typically reflects the dreamerís desire to end a relationship with that person and not real life homicide. There are many ways to kill a person so consider the manner in which you are killing your ex and look up the dream interpretations for that symbol. For example, drowning, car accident.

Shooting your ex to stop him from coming after you.Your subconscious mind is trying to block him from returning. On a cosmic level, you may be putting a block around you so his thought energy cannot affect you. He may be thinking of you.
Running him over with your car. You want to make progress in life and you donít want him to be an obstacle any longer.
Drowning him. You are overwhelming him with emotions, such as anger, hate, and you want him out of your life.

Dreaming of an ex many years after the break-up is not uncommon. It does not indicate the dreamerís desire to get back together again in waking life. We always hold onto something from every relationship, like a little souvenir or momento to remind us of the important life lesson learned. Consider this type of dream like gazing through a scrapbook. Remember the lessons of the past and be thankful for your present.

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