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Subtle Aromatherapy

We can detect and distinguish thousands of different scents and these can stimulate memories, feelings and states of mind. The fragrance of incense can transport us to a temple; the smell of a rose can evoke feelings of love. Bringing scent into your life enriches it immeasurably.

Essential oils can be used as a way to lift our spirits, change our moods and connect spiritually. I find I use an essential oil in one way or another at some point in most healings and love to use them for my own benefit too.

Essential oils all have an energy signature, some of which have been photographed using a PIP scanner. Fascinating plates in ‘The Fragrant Heavens’ by Valerie Ann Worwood show that each has a different vibrational colour, energetic movement and shape. Because of this essential oils can be used in similar ways to crystals, essences and other energetic healing tools.

Unless you are a qualified aromatherapist you should always play safe and use essential oils very sparingly as they are powerfully concentrated substances. Certain people are more at risk of an adverse reaction. If you fall into any of the groups below I would very much recommend an advice session with a qualified aromatherapist.

-Pregnant and lactating mothers
-Allergy sufferers
-Drug or alcohol addicts
-Those on medication

People who are also receiving homeopathy should check first with their homeopath

A Basic Kit
If you are starting out with oils buy a couple you like the fragrance of. I personally wouldn’t be without lavender, frankincense, tea tree and a citrus oil- I love mandarin. My favourite essential oil is rose, but be warned this is very, very expensive as it takes a vast number of blooms to yield a tiny bottle of oil. If you find it sold cheaply it will have been blended, or may even be a synthetic substitute, which will have none of the energetic properties of the real thing.

I have found frankincense oil to be the most useful in working with clients with psychic debris in their aura and in cleansing my treatment room following ‘heavy’ healing sessions. Tea tree will often dowse up for someone with infections of any sort. Used in my aura or in the room it makes me feel much less likely to pick up the cold virus or whatever else the client has brought in with them! Eucalyptus oil seems to have a similar action.

To scent a room for meditation, relaxation, romance…
There are many different methods of using oils to change the vibration and feel of a room to suit your purpose. These are my favourites:

Electric ‘aromastone’- I have upgraded from a standard oil burner to this. I can leave it on for hours and forget about it, mine doesn’t get too hot & it is very easy to clean. If you use the traditional burner keep the well topped up with water and don’t leave a lit candle unattended!

Spray atomiser- take a small spray bottle & add spring water & a few drops of oil. I like to use a rosewater base for some of these- especially for a romantic scent. Shake well to disperse the oil droplets before spraying the room (avoid polished furniture and expensive fabrics!)

I often dowse for the most useful oil or the best combination of oils. Between one and four drops of oil will be plenty.

For meditation I use frankincense, lavender comes with me on my travels to help me get to sleep in strange rooms, for romance I go for rose, and sometimes sandalwood… we are all different, so experiment with scent until you find the right combination for you.

Using Oils in your Aura
Sweeping oils through your aura can uplift your spirits, calm you, energise you, cleanse your field, prepare you for meditation…the list goes on.

-Place a drop in your palm and rub your hands together. Dilute it first if you are at all sensitive skinned. Take your hands through your aura, imagining the oil filling your auric field. Finish by cupping your hands and taking several deep breaths.

-Use a couple of drops in an atomiser as for the room spray & spray overhead- keeping your eyes firmly closed!

-Dowse for an oil to balance a chakra. Put a drop onto a circle of paper & place on the chakra- don’t wear your best clothes, just in case! You can combine this with a crystal.

Once you start trying essential oils you will find many uses for them. I recommend purchasing one good ‘standard’ Aromatherapy book as a reference text- my favourite is Chrissie Wildwood The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy.

Then choose one or two more spiritually focussed Aromatherapy books for more inspiration and exploration. I like Valerie Ann Worwood's writing. Scott Cunningham’s Magical Aromatherapy: The Power of Scent (Llewellyn's New Age Series) is also worth a read, as is Patricia Davis Subtle Aromatherapy. These authors move away from the standard physical uses for the oils and explore their more subtle & spiritual effects.

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