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Good Health Practices-Can Reduce Risk For Cancer

Good general health practices is one of the best prevention against cancer. Drink plenty of water, choose most of the food you eat from plant source, limit your intake of high-fat food, particularly from animal source, be physically active, achieve and maintain a healthy weight, donít smoke, if you do try to quit.

Water-drink plenty of purified water. Water washes and cleanses your system from harmful substance and it also boosts your immune system.

Green Tea- may lower your risk of stomach, esophageal, lung, pancreatic and gastrointestinal, cancer. Just one daily cup may cut your risk of cancer in half. Tarragon Tea- may lower your risk from some cancer; drink a few cups of this tea every day. Steep the herb in a cup of hot water and strain before sipping. Tarragon is an herb, which has a flavor that resembles licorice- there is a slight risk of allergic reaction to tarragon in certain people.

Grains and Vegetables- a high-fiber diet can help lower you risk of cancer. Fiber speeds food through your digestive tract so your body gets less exposure to carcinogens that may be in the food. Sources of fibers include: whole-grain cereals and breads, prunes, berries, kidney beans and other legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, and brown rice.

Broccoli Sprouts- contains vast amount of anticancer chemicals. Broccoli sprouts have at least 30 times the concentration of the anticancer substances found in mature broccoli. A handful of the sprouts on a sandwich each day or in salad will be beneficial to the detoxifying system on your body.

Onions, Garlic and Ginger- provide cancer protection, so add them in for flavorings when cooking.

Cooking with Care- many cancers are associated with diet. Thatís because some foods, or the way you cook them may actually put you more at risk for cancer. The following are certain rules to follow when cooking that may guard against the disease Cut the fat in your in your cooking methods and you may keep cancer away. People who eat high-fat diets- (buttery biscuits and fried burgers) may get more than just a potbelly or thunder thighs. Studies find that a high-fat diet may raise your risk of cancer. Over eating and becoming obese increase your risk of many cancers.

You know that cigarette smoke contributes to cancer, but did you know that smoked foods could also raise your cancer risk? Foods that are smoked, salt-cured, or pickled may make you more likely to get cancer of the stomach or esophagus. The heat from smoking may create carcinogens in the food, and salt cured or picked foods contain nitrates that may become carcinogens in your stomach.

Studies also, show that grilling meats, over hot charcoal will release chemicals that may increase your risk for cancer. Plus, fat drippings onto charcoal produces carcinogen laden smoke. Instead of charcoal you can use hard woods, which burn at lower temperatures, in your grill.

Good General Health Practices
Sometime even if you follow a healthy life style you may come face to face with cancer. And it can be devastating to hear that you have cancer, and sometimes there is know answer to why you have it, I know I had cancer two years ago. Even thought I had cancer, I feel it is even more important for me to follow a healthy diet (Now More Than Ever). The cancer I had has a high recurrence rate; the cancer had gone very deep into my shoulder. The doctors expected the cancer to return within the first three months after my surgery. To their surprise it hasnít return. If you have cancers donít stop following a healthy diet and it is never too late to start living a healthy life style.

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