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Vampire Diaries - As I Lay Dying

I am a little behind on my TV watching and the DVR is getting rather full, so I decided to get caught up. I was only two episodes back on Vampire Diaries, and I have to admit I had seen some buzz on Twitter and was itching to know what was going on.

If you watch the show and you have not caught up yet, you may want to save this article for later, because we are going to be discussing some serious spoilers!
In a snapshot, Elena revives Elijah and finds out that he is Klaus’s brother, and that Klaus wants to kill Elena to break the curse. The curse has been revealed to be specific to Klaus. He is a vampire-werewolf hybrid. The curse suppresses his werewolf side, which he wants to unleash to make him the only vampire werewolf hybrid in the world.

In the big climax of the season, it is revealed that to break the curse Klaus must kill a vampire and a werewolf before he drinks Elena dry. This prompts the return of Tyler and his cohort Jules. Tyler and Caroline disappear and Damon assumes that they will be the sacrifice. Elena gives herself to Klaus, despite Stefan’s objection. Damon goes to rescue them and ends up getting some unexpected assistance from Matt. Tyler and Caroline are freed, but due to the full moon Tyler begins to turn into a werewolf. Damon leaves to help Stefan, leaving Caroline and Matt to deal with Tyler.

Back with Klaus, we discover that Caroline and Tyler were a distraction. The real victims are Tyler’s werewolf friend Jules and Elena’s sister Jenna, who was turned into a vampire just to crush Elena. Stefan offers to replace Jenna as the vampire sacrifice. Klaus accepts, but then turns the tables, and after staking Stefan, kills Jenna anyway. Klaus kills Jenna, Jules, and Elena, but believe it or not John, Elena’s biological father, trades his soul for Elena’s and dies. Despite the plan to take Klaus out, Elijah betrays Elena and Stefan, rescuing Klaus at the last moment.

Ack! Well it only gets better in the final episode of season two. It turns out that Damon was bitten by Tyler and is now dying. Stefan finds Damon attempting suicide and locks him in the dungeon, vowing to find a cure. There are several revelations in this episode. Fist off, Stefan was not responsible for turning Damon, Katherine turned him before Stefan. We get closure for Caroline when Jeremy is shot by Caroline’s mom. Bonnie and Rick take him to the witches to save him, while Caroline’s mother realizes her daughter is not evil. Bonnie manages to save Jeremy’s life, but there are consequences. It is not clear yet, but it looks like Jeremy can now see the dead.

In the final an ultimate twist of fate, Stefan discovers that Klaus’ blood is the only cure for Damon. Stefan makes a deal. He will work for Klaus as his ripper in return for the antidote. Klaus frees Katherine, who delivers the message to a terrified Elena and a dying Damon.

Wow, this was a great season two end for Vampire Diaries. The writers did a superb job in keeping me on my toes. There were several revelations that had me yelling “No way!” in complete gleeful surprise! Awesome! They have hooked me for another year. I cannot wait for Vampire Diaries season three!

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