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Have You Seen a Miracle Today?

What do you think of when you hear the word “Miracle”?

If you are a Christian, you possible envision Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. If you are Jewish, it may be that Hanukah and the miracle of the sacred oil that should have only lasted 1 day, yet lasted 8 comes to mind.

If you are more present-minded then you probably imagine a relative whose cancer went into remission, or a teenager who was in a horrible car crash – yet awoke from her coma with no brain damage.

And if you are an atheist, you may claim there is no such thing as miracles. Everything can be explained by science.

Let me give you this song to contemplate:

The Nylons - “This Island Earth”
If you’re lookin’ for a miracle open your eyes
There was one this morning just about sunrise
Dawn came breakin’ like a wave on the sea
And it’s there for you and me

Even if everything on this earth can be explained by science, there are some things that cannot be made any less miraculous.

We know why the sun rises and sets each day. But it doesn’t take away from the beauty of it. It doesn’t diminish the power of it; how much it is needed by us. Just because we understand how it works doesn’t mean we can make it happen. It is a power beyond our control. Whether you consider that power God or nature, it is still superhuman.

The same goes for babies. Yes, in a lab we can combine an ovum and sperm and fertilize the egg, but it still must go back into the mother’s body in order to grow. And even if one day we are able to create an artificial womb (which I for one am hoping will happen), we still will not be able to make that baby grow. We know why the cells split. But isn’t it miraculous that each splitting cell knows exactly what part of the body it is supposed to transform into. That out of 2 little sex cells we get brain cells, spleen cells, skin cells, bone cells, the list goes on and on. Somehow these millions and billions of cells become just what they need to be.

There is a lot of heartache in this world, but we forget how much beauty there is. Even worse, we take that beauty for granted and relegate it to “normal” – just because now we can explain why it happens.

But knowing why something happens, or even how something happens, doesn’t mean that mankind can recreate it. That is what a miracle means.

Look for the miracles around you.

Wonder in awe at the beauty and power of a sunrise. Take joy in the brilliant colors that are painted across the sky.

Take joy in the roses that bloom in that wild behind you house. Revel in the perfection of their imperfections.

Look at your 16 year old son that is 6 feet tall and remember that once upon a time he was small enough to fit in your belly and you could barely feel him kicking. Be amazed that you had a part in that creation.

That is all that a miracle needs; to be recognized & appreciated.

Go find yours today.

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