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Car Engine on Fire Dream Interpretation

“I dreamed I was driving along the freeway. My car engine caught on fire. With a hose I put out the fire then got back in the car and continued driving. What could this mean?”

Cars often represent our progress in some area of life whether it is work, spirituality, personal goals. Try to pay attention to the details of the car in your dream as it reflects a lot about how you see yourself as well as subconscious messages about your physical, emotional and psychological status. Unfortunately, this dreamer didn’t recall the details of the car he was driving but the symbol was his car which differs greatly from a motorcycle, bicycle, truck, van, unicycle or even sports car.

Let’s look at the symbols:

Dream Symbols
Freeway. Path to one’s goals. Life journey. Speedy route.
Car engine. One’s energy or motivations.
Catching on fire. Becoming enthusiastic, successful. Depending on context, it can point to being burned out or overwhelmed. Danger.
Putting out the fire with hose. Overcoming obstacles, keeping things under control, averting danger.
Continue driving. Being able to continue on one’s journey.

The Dream Interpretation
This dreamer is not only making progress towards his life goals, he is speeding along at a nice pace. Notice that he is on a freeway and not another road or street? Alas, his engine catches fire but it isn’t all bad news. One can be “on fire” which indicates enthusiasm and success! The engine represents his internal motivations and energy and this dreamer is on fire with both.

Of course, being on fire is one thing but being destroyed or consumed or burned out is another matter. Good thing that this dreamer puts out the fire in his engine with a water hose--which represents his own ability to keep things under control--before they get out of hand.

This dreamer revealed that he is making some excellent progress in his business (freeway). It is growing quickly, and he’s been working hard to propel it to the next level. While he is enthusiastic about reaping rewards of his efforts, he says he is concerned that at his age he can’t keep up with this pace forever (engine afire). He’s afraid of burn-out since he’s been in the same industry for over 30 years.

His dream, however, reveals that he needn’t worry too much because he has the ability to “put out the fire” in his engine with some rest, rejuvenation, spiritual uplift (water hose). He’ll continue on.

Dream Therapy
I encourage this dreamer to pay attention to the signals from his mind, body and spirit. When he feels he is getting overwhelmed or “burned out,” it is time for some rest and rejuvenation. A “cooling down” period can take many forms, from a brief meditation to a mini-escape. He also has the ability to keep his own emotions and thoughts from boiling over with a positive mindset; he needs to tap into that when he gets overheated by the efforts to get ahead.

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