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Serial Killer on the Loose!

The recent killing spree on All My Children has got me thinking. ABC has been known to cross characters from one show to another. Rae Cummings was seen in Llanview, Pine Valley and Port Charles looking for the daughter she had given up for adoption. That daughter turned out to be Skye Chandler, who once lived with her adopted family in Pine Valley and has now taken up residence in Port Charles. And who can forget the custody battle for Ace/Baby James/Little Adam that took place in Llanview and Pine Valley a couple of years ago? My thought is if they could do it then, why not do it now? ABC could use this serial killer storyline to clean house on all three shows at once.

The first stop should be Pine Valley, since the killer is already there. Forget about Fusion. Those ladies have enough drama in their lives without another death striking them. Instead, head to the Chandler Mansion. The spoiled, whiney Colby would be a perfect victim. She delights in ruining the lives of those around her--Sydney, Babe, Krystal. She hasnít shown that she can be good for much else, so bump her off.

Jackson and Erica are at the top of my victim wish list. Jack has become an arrogant, judgmental, condescending jerk. Greenlee had the right idea--if he was my father, Iíd leave town, too. Then again, maybe this is just a side-effect of marriage to Ms. Kane. Erica is nothing but a childish, spoiled rich girl. Her kids might be better off without her.

Oh, and we canít forget David! Dr. Hayward may have already left town for good, but canít you just imagine the party Pine Valley would throw in lieu of a funeral for him?

Moving into Llanview, the killer should strike first at La Boule. Sure, Llanview would be a dull place without Dorian Lord. But who would believe she was really dead anyway? A woman who is capable of stalking her own daughter to get her away from the man she loves should have no trouble surviving a serial killer.

Claudia and Antonio would also be good victims for this killer Claudia because she really doesnít do much. Instead of just having her stand around, pinning for Nash, maybe she should just be killed off. Antonio is just too wishy-washy. He cannot decide if he wants to be a cop or not. Now that John McBain is back, it is just a matter of time before Antonio gets bored at the LPD and begins looking for a new career. He also does not know if he should hat Nash or welcome Nash into his family. Bump him off so that Jessica and Nash can finally admit they are falling in love.

The Port Charles victims are a little harder for me to pick out. General Hospital is the show that first got me hooked on ABC soaps. I love (or love to hate) everyone.

OK, so maybe not everyone. Maxie Jones would not be missed if the serial killer found her. Is she really even pregnant? If I thought for a moment she was, I would probably not even suggest killing her off. After all, I cannot blame the kid for Mom being a skank. In many ways, Maxie reminds me of Erica Kane, but without the money. Maxie wants what she wants, and she wonít stop until she gets it--no matter who gets hurt. It is unlikely that her family would even miss her, especially her mother. Felicia has not showed much interest in either of her girls in recent months. I somehow doubt she would be bothered to even come to the funeral.

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