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Hillary Clinton, Men and Chaos

I feel the winds of change blowing. Hillary Clinton is running for President, and even if she doesn’t get the job, she is making a very important statement to the world by making the attempt. I like Hillary. I think that her heart is in the right place, as is her focus. And, I also see her as a strong and powerful Goddess who is not afraid to extend a challenge to the ruling Gods.

My husband has been home for a few weeks with pneumonia. He is doing much better now, but in the process of his being housebound, he managed to totally devastate the dining room. I believe that every possession he owned made it to the dining room table to take up residence. Papers, magazines, boxes, tools, clothing and other strange and unique items were strung from one end of the room to the other.

And, there he sat in the midst of the chaos, blissfully unaware that his mess was causing his partner and his normally patient and loving wife to become disgruntled and irritated. Until, one day when I arrived home after an especially trying day at work, and found that the ever growing pile had now spread outward into the kitchen. My cats stood staring pathetically into their empty food bowl, and the dishes were mounded in the sink.

I never yell. I just don’t do that. I try to look at all sides of an issue before I speak, and I don’t speak out of anger. So, I went outside in the cold winter air, and observed the beauty of the night, before I went back inside to tackle the issue. When I pointed out to my most wonderful mate that I was upset by this chaos and that I wished to have him clean it up, he looked very surprised and dismayed. He didn’t realize that what he was doing was upsetting me, or my sense of sanctuary in a neat, but comfortable household.
His priorities and his sense of well-being do not depend on order and cleanliness. His sense of well-being depends of surrounding himself with familiar things when he feels out of synch with his world.

Maybe, what we are seeing in today’s world is much like that. Women, in general, as caretakers, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and nurturers, tend to want a space that makes them feel safe, loved, comfortable, and organized. Men, in general, as hunters and gathers, tend to want their space filled up with things that remind them of their roles in life, such as trophies, tools, and their books. They like things to be within reach, in case they may need them someday.

Perhaps women have just begun to really wake up and notice the chaos that the men in charge have made of our country, and our world in general. And, like I did with my mate, women are beginning to point out the issues that need to be addressed, in order to make this world a more comfortable sanctuary for all of us.

Men’s inventions and creations over the years have gotten bigger but not necessarily better. I would hazard a guess that all of the war machines, including submarines, bombers, tanks, and weapons of mass destruction were created by men. Until fairly recent times, men were in complete charge of the design and building of our world. Even in the world of today, the architectural and construction fields are still male dominated professions. Men created the weapons, men used the weapons against other men, and in the process, they made a mess of our planet.

Women, in the meanwhile, took up the slack and invented and created practical ways to heal the hurt and clean up the battlefields. We waved goodbye to our cherished husbands and precious sons, who went off into a battle that we didn’t want and we certainly did not create. We simply weren’t asked for our opinion. In fact, again until fairly recent times, women weren’t allowed to vote or have a voice in many areas of our society.

So, here’s to Hillary…. I give her kudos for having the courage to stand up in what is still a man’s world and speak her truth. I think that whether she makes it to office or not, her passion and determination will make some drastic changes concerning the way we look at women in the political arena.

Women have found their voice, their courage, their dignity and their very rightful indignation about what has happened to bring our world into the chaotic conditions that exist today. We are not second class citizens, we are not someone else’s property, and we are not subservient to a male deity who informs us that we are responsible for all the sin that exists in our world. No, we didn’t make the mess… but we will be there to help to make order out of the chaos…. Because… that is what we do best.

Love and Light…

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