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Children and Past Lives

Reincarnation is a widely accepted belief among many people and religions. Children too, in fact, offer probably the greatest evidence through vivid dreams and detail beyond what might be considered normal for their age. Although not every dream is going to hold hidden proof of past lives, many often do.

Flashes of a previous life can come to us in dreams or Deja vue (the sense of having known something without prior knowledge). Pursuing affirmations, though, can be difficult when we're busy trying to maintain balance in this one. However, when we do come across a connection, a world of understanding can become available and even offer insight into a bad habit or fear we might have had little success in remedying before.

My 8 yr. old daughter has been speaking of her experiences since the age of 5 and continues to this day. Though her dreams now seem to be directing her through more elaborate information such as world issues, she offers the following, describing her version of how she died in her own past life, "Through a square" and why she has fears of heights.

She ads, ďThis is my newest last life, not the life before. I had lots of those but I donít remember them very well. I think I was an animal too.Ē

ďMy name is Lauren. I had a past life and I had dreams about it where my angels helped me understand when I died. At first it was scary but I thought it was really cool so then I drew pictures.

My most newest last life was when I was walking from my momís house. Everything was made different than here. The roof was fuzzy and there was a lot of trees around me. I went for walks because there was a mean lady that lived with us. I had a very nice mom. She was beautiful and had red hair and green eyes and she wore little makeup like my mom now, but isnít the mom I have now. We didnít have cars or roads like now. I fell off a bridge because they didnít know it was broken and we didnít have fixers either. I fell through one of the squares. They had ropes on them. I hit my head on a rock. The water wasnít deep like oceans. I went very fast with an angel. She helped me breath under water. I donít know her name but it might have been something like Daphena. I donít know how to spell it and thatís not exactly what her name is. She helped me and took me up to heaven where we learn, but not like here at school. Sometimes I dream about heaven too. I never want to leave, but when I wake up I'm here again. My new life is difficult and I swear Iím never going to come back to this Earth again!Ē

If we are going to pursue the investigation of a past life, never forget the role of living in this one. There's a reason we're here and our past lives brought us to this point.

When people ask why they don't remember a past life, I ask what they did 2 weeks ago or have for dinner last weds. night? Often, their lives are so busy, they just can't remember.

When I ask, "What do you do for a living and tell me about the people you love?" They will go on with passion and detail. We may not remember the frivalty of a past life, but many times the highlights of these lives give us direction into what we're experiencing now.

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