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Your Best New Yearís Resolution Ever

So itís time to make those annoying New Yearís Resolutions. You know the promises that you make every year that you never follow through on because they are often just too hard and overwhelming. This year I have a special one for you to try that could make a big difference in how you view life.

This year you have to make yourself a promise to say one line to yourself every day the whole year through - I Will Listen to My Heart, My Head, and my Intuition. Say it everyday, and do what it says everyday, and you will begin to make better decisions, choices and progress in your life that are in sync with your wants, needs and goals. You canít know what you want in life if you donít know who you are; and you canít know who you are if you donít listen to yourself. Your moods tell you when you're happy, sad, silly, mad but not what to do to make the bad and sad times better or the happy and silly times last longer. To figure that out you have to listen to your heart, your head and your intuition.

ďYour heart speaks to you continuously. Listen to it beat. Trust your heart to find the path that you must follow. Everything you need to know to reach your goals is within you, within your heart, close your eyes and hear the beating, repeating, trust me, trust me, trust meÖĒ Trust what your own heart is telling you with every beat.

Your head keeps you balanced. It is a powerful tool that tells you how to control your emotions when you need to. When you are experiencing negative feelings and emotions your head can help you turn them around to positives. When you feel out of balance your head can help you think of how standing taller, lifting your head up instead of hanging it down and walking with balanced strength one foot in front of the other, one step at a time can make you feel more positive. If you are moving forward and looking up and paying attention to where you are going you canít help but make some progress toward putting negativity behind you and moving toward positivity.

Your intuition when tapped into and listened to will help you to be reasonable and logical by giving you the ability to turn what you see into more than what you see by tapping into how it makes you feel. If you see a baby bird trying to fly, is it just a baby bird, or is it a symbol that learning to fly is hard work but if you keep at it and keep trying, and you master it, even with all the falls and bumps you experience the experience of flying is not even minutely diminished by those falls when you soar through the air. It is your intuition from within that youíre born with and that you gather from daily living that tells you that thereís more to that baby bird than your eye sees. That baby bird has the ability to do great things Ė and SO DO YOU!

Make this year the year that you make only one simple resolution that you can and will follow through with Ė make just this one resolution this year but repeat it and do it everyday faithfully -


Happy New Year, this year and every year for all time!

Best Regards,

Kate Woods
Signature Rose
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