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Colloidal Silver

There is much talk these days about the over use of prescription medications in particular antibiotics. Frequently antibiotics are prescribed for insignificant illnesses and not saved for when they are truly medically necessary. This has caused great concern because it has created super-bugs like MRSA, the Bird Flu and SARS that are resistant to the pharmaceutical antibiotics we currently have available. The good news is that we do have natural alternatives that are effective not only against the usual flu and viruses but will successfully eradicate the super-bugs as well.

Colloidal Silver has come under fire for years from the FDA. On the Department of Health and Human Services website (NCCAM) they claim, “Colloidal Silver is not safe or effective for treating any disease or condition.” They go on to state, “Colloidal Silver can cause serious side effects. The most common is argyria, a bluish-gray discoloration of the skin which is usually not treatable or reversible.” That sounds pretty scary, but this information is misleading and only half true.

What you need to know about Colloidal Silver:
There are three different kinds of silver being marketed today as a supplement. They are; Ionic Silver, Silver Protein and True Colloidal Silver. All are marketed as “Colloidal Silver.” I feel this is why there is such a debate about whether it actually works. Read the label on the bottle if in doubt. If you don’t know what you are buying you won’t have much success using it.

Ionic Silver:
Most home colloidal silver generators produce Ionic silver, not true colloidal silver. These silver solutions are usually clear or slightly amber in color. This type of silver will NOT cause argyria. Ionic Silver is a strong anti-microbial but it doesn't work well when chloride is present. When you combine sodium chloride (table salt) and Ionic silver particles they will join with each other leaving very few particles available to bring about the desired effect. Since chloride is present in our body Ionic silver’s effect is less than that of true colloidal silver. You can test your silver solution to determine what kind you have by adding table salt to the silver solution, if it is Ionic silver it will turn cloudy.

Silver Protein:
It is best to avoid all silver protein products as this is the silver product that can cause argyria. The manufacturers combine silver particles with a protein to keep the silver particles in suspension. You can test by shaking; silver protein products will produce foam above the liquid.

True Colloidal Silver:
It costs more to produce this type of colloidal silver because it has 50 percent or more particles with the remaining ionic silver particles. It is generally dark in color because of the high percent of silver particles in the liquid. This silver product will NOT cause argyria. The EPA’s reference dose for the intake of silver is calculated by using 12 times body weight divided by the parts per million in the silver solution to determine how many drops per day you can safely take. True colloidal silver kills bacteria without creating resistant super-bugs.

I have used colloidal silver for fighting flu, virus and sore throats for many years. The results I have had are remarkable. Usually the flu or virus is gone in a few days. I generally couple colloidal silver with elderberry syrup for the anti-viral properties also associated with the elderberry.

I have used colloidal silver alone when treating sore throats and they disappeared nearly overnight. I have used colloidal silver alone as a topical antiseptic/antibiotic on my goat when one had a tear in the skin that required six stitches to close. Silver successfully prevented infection at the wound site without any additional treatment.

There are just as many studies that say it doesn't work as there are that say it does work but in my experience it worked well. Try it first-hand and experience it for yourself. I include it in my emergency medical kit, both for humans as well as animals.

If you have used colloidal silver, please share with us what kind you used and what your results were. I’d love to hear about your personal experiences. Leave a comment below or at the Natural Living forum.

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