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The Soul Mate Connection

Have you ever felt an indescribable connection to someone you just met? Have you looked back over the course of your life and found a string of coincidences tying the same people to you over and over again?

We have all had moments when we think of that special someone, somewhere out there, perfectly mated for us, with whom we can share our most intimate thoughts and experiences. Maybe it's someone we don't feel the need to speak a great deal with and just bask in the warmth of connectedness, as if reading each other's minds. Either way it may feel as if our inner being is yearning to be, once again, united with our other half.

Although there are many types of love, none are quite as powerful as when we meet up with these surge-like souls. When we do and will, time and time again, it does not always mean romantically but when it is, it's unmistakable.

If you believe in reincarnation then we can better understand the role of soul mates as those having contracted with us life experiences for the purpose of love and expanding awareness. They can interact with us on either painful or joyful levels or both. Regardless, there is an attraction of some kind that brings you together and is difficult to ignore.

Many people believe or expect when they do cross paths with their soul mate it will be instantaneous fireworks. This is not usually the case but will bring about a sense of familiarity, even if it is a rival mate.

Rival mates, ones in which we are meant to learn balance with as much as possible in a given life, eventually bring with them the feeling of whether or not to continue the contract or for how long.

If you find yourself with rival mates over and over again, looking closer there may be a common denominator, such as a time factor or "tangible years" with which the two souls agreed beforehand to get as much work accomplished as possible. Anything outside of this may feel redundant. In other cases, one soul may be more advanced than the other with the decision playing out to apply that same dedicated energy elsewhere as one mate may begin enjoying the sparing. That being their life-choice karma, they will have to work out the illusion negativity and artificial power the need to be right, brings. These souls will often be surrounded by other dualing souls as well sharing similar karmic principles.

Ideally, meeting our romantic soul mate will happen the instant we want and under perfect conditions. This is not always the case. Often we run into them after tripping on a jagged sidewalk or when we are fresh out of the shower with our head in a towel, something that if it hadn't happened that way we would have been too guarded to recognize the contractual greeting time. We may even already be in a relationship we are contented with, be it one of work or someone else and run into them then. If we are, this can create a great deal of conflict and emotions that will be difficult to ignore but can be handled best by first admitting the situation to yourself and reasoning out the cause and effects of any action to be considered. These experiences should not be confused with a predominately physical/material or sexual one.

In hind-site, the gift of soul mate really does offer an emotional classroom of sorts were we can work out the differences and universal love we had agreed to before we came here. Each encounter, no matter how painful, temporary or ecstatically joyful, is as much of our interactive chain of life as the intricate stitching of a tapestry.

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