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Is Homeland Security Going Too Far?

We have probably all seen some of the recent footage and recorded conversations concerning the more invasive pat-downs and full body image scanners that are being put to use. While some Americans feel it is too much, others donít care what is done as long as it prevents terrorist acts.

I have to say that I am on both sides of the fence. On the one hand I am greatly concerned about the safety of our country. Homeland Security has an important job to do. If they donít do it right, then we face the risk of experiencing something catastrophic. I am all for ensuring our safety, yet I do tend to question if perhaps it is going just a little too far.

John Pistole, TSAís administrator admits that there are legitimate reasons to be concerned when it comes to an invasion of privacy. At the same time however, he reminds travelers that the government must provide the best security available to air travelers.

StillÖI canít help but be just a little disturbed. There was the recent story of the guy who said they couldnít touch his ďjunk.Ē When I heard the TSA agent explaining the process of what they were going to do, I couldnít help but feel a little icky about it. The whole description just sounded tooÖwell, too descriptive I guess.

I mean, I understand that they were trying to let him know ahead of time what would happen but at the same time, it was a little much. I donít blame the guy for standing up to his ďjunk.Ē After all, does this now mean that the government can touch us anyway they want to? Itís a little creepy.

Then there was the story of the 3 year old girl who broke down when an agent attempted to pat her down. She totally freaked and personally, I thought it was great. No one will get away with touching her inappropriately very easily. How do we tell our children that strangers arenít allowed to touch them, yet when we fly we have to tell them that itís okay for this stranger to do it? Itís kind of a mixed message isnít it?

Is Homeland Security going too far? We know that profiling wonít happen because we are too afraid of offending others. Yet isnít touching someoneís private or taking an image of their full body a little offensive?

Where do we draw the line? I really donít know. All I know is that I am not exactly looking forward to the next time I have to travel by air.

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