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Psychic Cycles

Some people say, it's because the end of the Mayan calander is near, others seem to believe it's the end of times. If, your psychic abilities have been working overtime or have begun slipping away, youíre not alone!

Itís true, I find some of the best lessons in life sprouting from the garden green. Why? Because thereís very little in life we canít, in some fashion, find a parallel for by observing the laws of nature hard at work. Itís the perfect place; where unbiased direction has an opportunity to present itself in ways we might not otherwise take notice, especially when it come to cycles.

At the end of each year, no matter how careful I am, clearing away old vegetation I havenít a use for, somehow, someway, smack dab in the middle will be a seedling I hadnít seen hide nore hair of over the past 3 years. Through no effort of my own, the elements aligned in such a way, that resurection was inevitable.

Psychic abilities are a natural part of our internal garden. They work along side of every living energy and understand inherently what they need to thrive. When there's a concentrated shift of energy, whether itís close to home having to do with emotions or larger scale, such as a shift in worldly consciousness, cycles tend to emerge effecting our own psychic cycles.

In a garden, we can pick and chose what we want to grow. We'll decide what we're likely to use for the projects we have planned or simply chose favorite colors and scents. In the same sense, regarding psychic abilities, we have the choice as to what we would like to develop.

Each lifetime we come into this plane with an agenda; something we've chosen to aid and progress in, as well as contribute to a universal balance. Depending on the Soulís purpose in this life, weíre likely to have different reactions to a psychic cycle, once it begins. Whether we are consciously aware of these cycles or not, our sensitivites will be.

This can spark abilities out of the blue, making them run hay wired, feeling like the town-crier warning of things to come or submissively slip away, preserving their healing force for a later time.

When we're born we don't really question the ground beneath our feet. The garden is simply an extention of something that always was. In the same light, there isn't really a question as to how or why our senses came to be, but the cycles we experience offer all the more evidence they're there beneath the "soil" to cultivate, if we so choose.

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