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SWINE/AVIAN Flu - Pandemic, Level 6

Back in April and again in November of 2006, I wrote an article on the Pandemic which we had been alerted to for many months was coming to our shores. Below the asterisks at the bottom of this page you will see further info on this.

Back in 2006 there were loud whispers and rumors on the internet among certain 'watchtower' communities (such as www.curevents.com) which were advising of a very possible impending 'Pandemic' situation. At the time I wrote the article I received a few responses telling me I should not scare people and that these rumblings were unwarranted.

I then wrote to a columnist/reporter for The Washington Post and asked him what he thought of my article since I had received so much negative feedback, I wanted an expert's opinion. He emailed me back saying words to the effect that what I did was basically a brave thing - that it is not necessarily something that people WANT to HEAR - but something that needed to be said - and sometimes if it is too troubling for people to wrap their minds around (even if it is accurate) then they would rather not deal with it. This is my interpretation of what he said basically. I do not have his email but wish that I had kept it.

If you want to review the first article from 2006 that I wrote you must go back to the Midlife main page and see the Avian Flu Article. Go here to view Reuters' news on the Pandemic - titled "WHO declares first 21st Century Flu Pandemic", as reported by Jonathan Lynn - http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSTRE55A1U720090612.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has now placed this at Level 6 - which is the highest (alert) level there is for a pandemic.

NOTE to my readers: If you would like to order masks, this website has been in contact with me for several years now keeping me updated. They stock items for situations such as this - http://www.survivetheflu.com. I do not make a cent from recommending them. At this juncture, however, there will probably be a waiting list on many of their items such as masks.

Also, I have started taking a product called 'Sambucol' which, when taken as a preventative measure, can ultimately serve to lessen the severity of the flu should you contract it. However, it must be taken BEFORE - not (just) during. This should lessen the event of what they call 'cytokine storm'. Cytokine storm is an extreme immune (system) overreaction causing a 'ferocious' assault on the lungs by immune cells - Scientific American (www.sciam.com) - by manufacturing so much mucous/bodily fluids that the body literally drowns in its own fluids during this flu. That is actually the lethal part of the flu.

Experts have also stated that the people most vulnerable to this flu are in the age bracket 20 to 40. Strange as that may seem, people in this age group - who are in excellent health - would have a harder time combating the flu because their immune systems would react so strongly with them being in such good health, that they would 'overreact' and therefore 'overproduce' mucous which is the 'cytokine storm' which is secondary to the flu and which ultimately is the biggest threat to life.

If taken properly, Sambucol should lessen the likelihood of the flu getting that far out of hand. It is meant as a 'preventative' which at the very least should allow for a much milder case should you come down with the flu. Sambucol is natural and it is made from Elderberry extract. If you go to http://curevents.com - there is a plethora of information there on 'preparing for a pandemic' - and also there is information which explains how you can make the Elderberry tonic yourself. I have been stocking up on long shelf life food for a while now - in the event of the situation becoming worse, and people panicking, thus causing shortages of food in stores as some experts predict.

Please keep in mind at this point in time this flu is considered MILD - however, all reports are that while most flus go dormant during the summer - this flu is so strong it is sticking around - and, experts fear when the colder weather returns, this flu will come back with a vengeance, a much stronger strain than it is now. That is apparently what happened with the Pandemic of 1918 which killed millions of people worldwide.

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PLEASE GO BACK TO http://midlife.bellaonline.com and see my first article on a possible 'pandemic' coming in the form of 'Avian' (bird) Flu - which is the article I previously wrote in April and republished in Nov. 2006. It could not be reproduced here with this article on the Swine Flu. It is my first warning on the 'coming' Pandemic, which unfortunately is not only knocking on our door -but has reached our shores. Please keep alert on this subject in order to be prepared. Forewarned is Forearmed. Isn't it better to be safe - than sorry?

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