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BellaOnline's Autism Spectrum Disorders Editor

Uncover A Dog Book Review

I have written over the years how my high functioning autistic son is very fond of cats. We have several autism related books to cats like All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome, My Goldfish Ate My Cat! and Cool Cats.

I have also mentioned in the past that both my teen sons are scared of dogs. On our street there are several houses that have dogs in their yards that bark as we go to and from our vehicle and when they attended the nearby Elementary School they would bark at us. Because of this we never did venture out onto the sidewalk like other families to teach bike riding.

A few months ago I took Nicholas to the free exhibit day at the CSUN Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, where there were many seeing eye dogs working. I shared how these Service Dogs have appeal to autistic son in a blog post.

Suddenly Nicholas was interested in dogs. Even the Los Angeles Zoo acquired wild african dogs, which is an exhibit we visit often. An opportunity arose on the social media micro-blogging site Twitter for my son to receive a couple books to review from Silver Dolphin Books. It was here that Nicholas showed interest in the book Uncover A Dog: The Inside Story On Man's Best Friend by Paul Beck.

This was good practice for his Composition studies through California Virtual Academy where he Homeschools and soon entering eighth grade.

The following is his review on the book. He enjoyed learning about dogs and has indicated interest in starting a book collection on dogs. There is an Uncover Series that includes sharks, horse, frog, tiger and T-Rex. By gaining knowledge and understanding of dogs he has gotten past his fear and now enjoys watching television shows on dogs as well. He will sit through marathons of the Dog Whisperer. Another bonus is how tactile and visual this book is, making it really suitable for those on the autism spectrum.

The book Uncover A Dog is mainly about the insides of a dog, like the Heart and Skeleton. It also shows characteristics of dogs; like their history and differences in breeds. This book also has plastic models in each chapter.

The first page is called Best Friends. This page tells the history of dogs. The information on this page includes the key fact that all dogs were domesticated from wolves.

The next page is called Skull and Jaws. This tells about the shape and formation of the skull of several dog breeds, including the comparison of dog and wolf skulls. This chapter also includes the way jaws work in dogs.

In the next chapter, which is called Skeleton is about the formation of bones, including spine, arms, legs, ribs and tail. One of the things in this chapter is the way a dogs tail expresses feelings and emotions. This page also tells and shows the flexibility of dogs. There is also a great model of a skeleton.

The next chapter is called Reproductive. This chapter is about the birth of dogs. It also includes the life of dogs, both young and old. There is also a chart of dog years, compared to human years.

The next chapter is called Digestion. This is about the digestive system that includes the stomach and intestine. It also has a key fact that chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Also includes the main diet of dogs.

The next chapter, called Nervous System is about the senses of a dog. This includes sight, taste, touch, hearing and especially smell. The nose is one of the most important things to a dog. Also in the chapter is how a dog can see.

The next chapter, called Muscle System, is about the muscles a dog has. Also, what types of dogs are bred to do, such as athletic dogs, swimming dogs, gun dogs and police dogs.

The last chapter, Skin and Fur highlight s the fur coats of dogs, including short, smooth, long and thick.

At one time I was afraid of dogs, but now I love most dogs. This book has shown me that dogs aren't as bad as I thought they were. This book, Uncover A Dog is a fantastic book and I recommend it to all dog lovers.