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Universal Message of Hope

Virtually always, wherever there is vast worldly movement, Sensitives usually find themselves stirring restlessly. Before our recent trip to New York City my own restlessness surged to an almost daily dose of urgency. I remember in one of my weekly logs writing, “I almost have it!”

I thought perhaps it might have been the fact that neither my husband or I have been in or around New York since the 9/11 attack on our Twin Towers. However, the trip proved for me anyway to be a circle that brought back more of solid clarity. The closer we came to our destination the more those feelings began translating into something I could actually follow. A defining moment specifically as we passed by the Statue of Liberty.

Before we left a woman I respect very much had me thinking Why is it important to understand these things? Wouldn‘t it be better to just resolve the problems we do understand and already have? Wouldn’t that be more constructive? At the time I could only think to myself, well, what comes to me is, they are both important, but couldn’t really elaborate.

Along our trip I thought to myself, I don’t really belong to any groups. I like things, believe in things, stand by things, but I haven‘t been a card carrying anything since I was a girl scout. To me, it‘s all good, all of our differences. But, because the world of a clairvoyant is complicated enough you’re not even likely to find me reading a newspaper. So, when something goes out of its way to find me, I pay attention.

I worry for a clouded coverage heading towards our country. A place standing and known for its diversity and opportunity to pursue happiness, is now at a day and age where anyone can cry wolf and harlot to anything they might not want to hear. What becomes lost and resisted is the voice and spirit of the American public. Somewhere along the way that freedoms seems to have gotten so perverted that any boisterous shiny red ball can capture our attention, like deer caught in the headlights.

The entire last hour of our trip was amazing. The overall sensation of the spirit in the area was inspirational. Your could feel the transition, the sincerity - the faith the people there had rebuilt in getting back to the basics of humanity and their country. The patriotism was fluent, not strained, aggressive or with political agenda. It was genuine, secure, truthful and didn‘t need anybody instructing them how to go about their business.

In the midst of all the wonderment, what unfolded felt like an unfiltered Sci-fi movie. It was as if every radio station from all 4 corners of the Earth streamlined through my Soul creating the bridgework of what I would see. The food shortages and economic strategies paled in comparison and suddenly I found myself wanting to plan a vacation that wouldn‘t be taken for years to come. Those were just things we could prepare for now, like a rainy day, not the end of the world, just physical and emotional hardships we could if we wanted, ease some of the burden of by learning now how to prepare. This was an entirely bigger picture and felt it was presenting itself in attempts to offer a pertinent window of time.

Not all of this structure in it’s entirety, is in place, just yet. There may be things that can be done to curtail some of the damage, but the people, the pawns have been established and come to us under the guise of “for the people, by the people, of the people.” But without the spirit independence and Soul of creative influence, if led by the kinships of tyranny nothing of sustenance prevails.

There is resistance, but it is not in the desire for change. The resistance is in the awakening of the people. They too are becoming privy to eyes that are aware now and ears that are listening. Race isn’t the issue, though in contempt is being haled as such. The environment is beheld in awe but being capitalized on isn’t acceptable. Injustices that have snagged the “spirits” of the people ,have turned them on each other so even if they don’t understand the bigger picture, each will have a common enemy to keep attention elsewhere. The bigger view is now narrowed to ones of similar mindset and the distance no matter the cost becomes a trance they can not wake from until the glass ball of illusion shatters before their very eyes.

There is another way I am told. A way that traverses now, each of our individual paths and merges into one. Lying far beyond fear, anger and desperation to a place where people and spirits renew. Beginning with trust, consciousness resurrects and a person’s word can be taken with value. Where what is said and what is meant in all versions of the truth is the same with merits and ideals inspiring less in rarity but certainty. Along in growing numbers of faith, there is a natural God given restitution woven throughout each of our Souls and one that each and every species can live by.

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