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SinuPulse review

Individuals with serious allergies, asthma or chronic sinusitis might consider stepping up to a SinuPulse Elite, an electric nasal irrigation system. The device is expensive (about $100) but may be a good investment if it keeps you out of the doctor’s office.

SinuPulse meshes the decades-old Neti Pot concept with modern technology to provide superior nasal cleansing. It pulsates water into the nose to cleanse the nasal passages which is more effective because it matches the natural rhythm of the nasal cilia (nose hairs). By comparison, a Neti Pot is a simple nasal rinse or wash device.

The SinuPulse sends saline solution through your nasal passages with either a gentle mist or deep-cleaning pulsatile action. The result is fewer colds and allergy symptoms due to improved function of the nasal cilia which protect us from infection. Pulsating irrigation also can break down biofilm which acts as a barrier to nasal sprays and medicated rinses.

The device is basically a Waterpik that is equipped with special irrigation tips that fit into the nostrils. In one study, the SinuPulse was 100 times more effective at removing bacteria from the mucous membranes than other irrigating methods, such as the Neti Pot. The machine is recommended by Robert Ivker, an ear, nose and throat specialist, and author of the book, “Sinus Survival.”

The SinuPulse has a few more bells and whistles than another similar device on the market, called the HydroPulse. I decided to give a SinuPulse a try after the pump system on my year-old HydroPulse started to fail. The two devices are comparable in price but the SinuPulse has some additional features that I like.

Here are some differences:

•SinuPulse is designed to take up less space by being more compact in terms of height.
•It comes with two different irrigation tips. The dark blue tip delivers a rinse that reaches higher into the nasal cavity to promote greater drainage and cleaning. The light blue tip produces a mist spray to help humidify, moisturize, and cleanse the nasal and sinus passages.
•The misting tip can be used with additives such as grapeseed fruit extract and xylitol to improve irrigation results.
•The company that makes the device has exceptional customer service which I experienced first hand when I had a problem with my machine. They sent me a new SinuPulse at no charge in less than five days. I kept the old one as well which had a on/off switch that was sticking.

Using the two devices is about the same but you need to choose which irrigation tip you want to use with the SinuPulse. The HydroPulse comes with a deep cleaning tip only.

The rest of the procedure is similar to using a Neti Pot. You warm up two cups of water (preferably distilled water) in the microwave, and add one teaspoon of salt and ½ teaspoon of baking soda, and stir to dissolve thoroughly.

Pour the saline solution into the reservoir, close it and turn on the nasal irrigator. Use about half the contents of the reservoir for each nostril. In about two minutes, you’re done and your sinuses are thanking you.

For more information, go to www.sinupulse.com.

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