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Heart Talk

Have you ever felt like you needed to do something whimsical or found yourself putting on the breaks for fear of what others might think? Love and inspiration are the language of Soul and truly the things that can change our life forever!

Though it may make you feel crazy or up against every obstacle in the world, there are some things worth every angle of investigating!

Maybe its in the way we begin handling ourselves. Maybe were still questioning the possession behind a particular piece of foreign lingerie or the ship-kit we never did put together. Either way, they're remnants of something once desperately trying to communicate.

Often before a reading begins an image of pastries or a stack of papers on a writing desk will come to mind and I'll say something like, "So, you're a writer." or "You're a cook!" Come to find out they'll be neither, but have a life-long dream of becoming one.

I was once working in a place where we sold crafts and goods from local villagers of foreign countries. We forwarded 100% of the proceeds. It was one of my more rewarding places to work. During one of the afternoons, the electricity went down so I started making small talk and packaging customer's items to pass the time.

There was one woman who was with her two daughters. I said, "You're a baker! That's so great!" One of her daughters said, "Ya, well anyone can be a baker." Realizing what had just happened, I looked to her again and said, "Well, yes, no, she's a baker, like a living."

Needless to say, the shop became very quiet so I jumped back in and made a game out of winking, calling out trades of other customers. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Come to find out the woman had a life long dream of being a specialty bread baking owner and was trying to leave her current postion to make it happen.

If we're lucky, love and inspiration work on queue with everything else we have going on. But often they can be at odds with every day life. Our usually normal and responsible self, head in clouds, will feel to have our sanity in a vice grip, calling us to do something, anything different than the life weve been living all these years?

I'm not suggesting just up and leaving before giving those feelings some type of rational thought. Though it might be different we can often find ourselves with unnecessary obstacles or even lonely if there's another person involved and they aren't quite as committed.

What I am suggesting, is to give the speaker of the heart the same attention you would the first step your child ever took or the first love you ever had. The heart is meant to tear down boundaries. It is designed to take us to levels, no other person or thing ever could. It always knows the truth even if we can't face it ourselves, and though appreciative of well meaning words of wisdom to continue our current way of life, understands the growth we have yet to do.

Whatever form it comes in, the heart is home to another world. And, whether we can put our fingers on it or not, or conditions feel so desperate a dream seems more of a luxury item than reality, given a chance our hearts are devoted. The only objective it has is to take us to hopeful places weve never been!

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