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Use Your Story to Speak to the Hearts of Millions

Your most precious asset is your story. The story in your heart speaks to the story in the hearts of others just like you. When youíre building your business this is important to know because it will help you connect with people who want and need exactly what you have to offer. Itís not your snappy sales copy or a reasonable offer or your completely reasonable product. Reason has nothing to do with it. They want you because they know you understand their heart.

Sean Swarner Cancer Climber

Sean Swarner, also known as the Cancer Climber knows how to touch the hearts of millions. He simply tells his story. He was diagnosed with cancer twice in his life and told twice that he would not make it. However, both times he not only made it, he set out to show the world what real life is all about by making a decision to be the first cancer survivor to climb Mt.Everest. His story gives hope to those who are fighting their own battle over sickness or other seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Sean is one of the most positive people you will ever meet. His story zooms past your head like a heat seeking missile, and goes straight to your heart. You may be the healthiest person around and never so much as had a cold in your whole life, and yet, Seanís story will touch your heart. His story will tap into the place inside of you thatís strong, and willing to fight for your life, your business, your family, your marriage or your message. His story is pure and bigger than the marketing manual sitting on your desk.

Think about it. Every compelling speaker that youíve ever heard tells their story in a way that touches your heart. You may not remember her name or what city you where in when you heard her speak, but you will remember her story.

New Dream

Lately, Iíve noticed something different in my life and business. My company grows and my life expands in direct proportion to how I share my heart and story with others. Iím not living the life I always thought I would live, however, Iím living the life that I was created to live and they are two different things. I thought Iíd have the perfect professional husband, live in the perfect community, withÖthe perfect, kids, cars, friends and so on. Thatís a pretty reasonable dream right? Well, itís not the way things turned out and I found myself starting life over and trying to figure out what to do next. What do you do when the marriage ends and the dream no longer sparkles? I needed help, support, tools and hope to dream again. I needed a new dream for the new life I wanted to live.

Starting Over

Like Sean, I was left for dead, but something inside of me said ďIím not dying today, broken heart, crushed heart, broken dream, whatever, Iím not going to die. Iím going to recover and Iím going to live.Ē Iíve climbed my own Mt.Everest and Iím growing a business that I love, sharing life with people I love and seeking to inspire women around the world,( yes, world) to live lives they love. Iím one woman with a strong heart, filled with life and passion for supporting girls and women in living their dreams. Some dreams are fresh and brand new, some dreams need a little dusting off and some dreams just need to be traded in for something betterÖreal life. Sharing my story connects me with women who want to work with me, be a part of my organization and help other women do the same. Iím not trying to connect head to head or idea to idea, Iím building a strong community of women by connecting heart to heart. I know what itís like to start over and I want to share that experience with other women who are starting over.

Your Story

Your story will connect with the story in the hearts of others like you. They will want to work with you, read your books, invite you to speak, join your team and more. Youíll speak to the hearts of millions when you share your pain and your triumph; your success and your do-overs. Just focus on speaking heart to heart and you will speak to millions if thatís your dream. Your story is gold. Put away the 1001 Steps to Mastering Your Marketing book, get out in the world and share your story from the heart for the heart and watch what happens!

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