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Varying Degrees of Understanding

As with most things, no two people ever see them the same exact way. This is especially true in terms of symbology and Tarot. There will always be varying degrees of understanding on most subjects and aspects of life. It is important to remember that we receive whatever information is important to us individually in whatever way we are most receptive to the information. In lieu of that concept, therefore know that tends to alleviate the whole who's right and who's wrong tug-of-war that is common with controversial topics. And simply take whatever information you intuit and utilize it to your own advantage; applying it whatever way will best benefit you upon your own individual path of understanding.

It is within each person to discern their own understanding of the world through observation and experience. It is also within each person to distinguish between right and wrong based upon their own understanding. However, to engage in this battle leads to nowhere other than chaos, confusion, separation, frustration and does not serve any real purpose as it is not our place to "convert" anyone into our belief systems or force our will upon another. The true value that is provided when there is a distinctive viewpoint that does not necessarily reflect ours is that within that same information there are fragments of truth. This is where our power of discernment comes into play most effectively. Deciphering the fragments that are of importance and knowing the "rest" of the information was based upon the viewpoint and varying degree of understanding of the author.

We find many Tarot authors that have such varying degrees of understanding, yet none have a total grasp of the concept for it is not intended in that way. It is for each individual to find their own understanding and all of the books, decks, articles, etc. that you read are simply a guide that is intended to help enhance your own learning and understanding. Not a mandatory view of how it should be; as some get confused when they see so many individuals having such a varying degree of understanding they don't know who to believe, what to believe or what they're even doing trying to figure it out themselves.

That is why it is important to remember that all things hold a small key to the totality of understanding and for each one a million different viewpoints. Wisdom is like a tree with many branches and roots; each fragment, viewpoint or seed of knowledge becomes apart of the whole. There is no part any greater than the other; yet all are needed for there to be growth and an abundant life that is uniquely shaded, colored and expressed just like the foliage on the trees in Autumn. And as each root (seed of wisdom) grows, it veers off into a new direction, viewpoint and understanding.

The Tarot is much like the tree in it's many directions, viewpoints and degrees of understanding. There is no right or wrong way of viewing the topic for it is expansive and full of fragmented pieces of the puzzle that is life. It is up to us individually to take whatever information we receive and apply it in the best way we feel most guided to for our own individual growth and understanding.

To Your Divinatory Success!

Leslie Fulger
Tarot Site Editor

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