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Clairvoyance and Time Loss

If there is one thing that people working with their intuitive side seem to have in common and by the droves, is a type of time loss. Whether itís a misplaced item that reappears completely out of the ordinary or simply phasing out while being spoken to, these particular types of individuals have the ability to enter what I feel very comfortable calling, "The Dead Zone."

Your keys were there a minute ago, a ring, hairbrush or something even larger, like an outfit or that seasoning you just retrieved from the store. Not only is it not in the bag where you know it was just moments ago, but itís someplace you could never have imagined, like the bathroom shelf!

Most people are familiar with it, ďThe Dead Zone.Ē Itís a movie based on the novel by Steven King. Watching it more closely, and if you really pay attention, it becomes less a horror and suspense movie and more of what someone who works actively with intuitive abilities can expect to encounter at various degrees and times.

I know I have it and as it turns out, many people that speak with me regarding their own experiences have it as well. But, there seems to be a gap, somewhere between the two, physical and spiritual worlds that some people seem to cross over between, quite frequently.

With misplaced objects, it isnít always that the spirit world, directly, has moved a particular item, though true to form it does in fact happen, especially when thereís a message they are trying to get across to whomever they feel has the ability to listen. But, what I am also finding is that there is a trance like state that these people encounter that has a person moving from one area to another point of significance without even knowing. Whomever or whatever it is they are connecting with takes them out of the physical world and into theirs and that's where they encounter, "The Dead Zone."

Time loss is a significant factor. The ďDead ZoneĒ is where it all happens. Itís almost a dream state or hypnotic (for lack of better scientific words) that has a person almost sleep walking while they are retrieving information from the great beyond as it is for now, understood. When the person comes to, they may have the strong sensation to shake their head or wonder what it was they were doing just moments ago. To the outside world it may even appear they are uninterested in what a person is saying when all along they are taking in more deep and meaningful information than what's being spoken about.

Although it may be inconvenient, by night's end, after the incident has been discounted or laughed away, what remains after everything settles is usually a bit of information. With this information, can also come along with it, a De ja vue type feeling a bit later on, when that piece of information is pertinent!

Whatís significant about "The Dead Zone" is that it brings across unconventional information that seems to cross time barriers as we understand them, today, in this world. But, if we were to accepts that we don't really know exactly how it is that time exists, or is relevent, we would see more accurately, just how it is as well that intuition exists on a parallel level to the physical world.

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