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Healing Depression

* Anxiety and depression are caused by a chemical imbalance in the body.

* A chemical imbalance can be healed naturally.

* Spend time with people who love and care about you.

* Spend time with positive people.

* Be positive.

* Speak positive words.

* Do the simple things that help you to feel better.

* Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

* Remember that you will feel better in time.

* Do things that make you happy.

* Remember that alcohol and drugs will make you feel depressed, and it is best to avoid them.

* Remember that caffeine is a drug that will make you feel high and then low. Use caffeine in moderation or eliminate it if you are able to.

* Remember that nicotine is a serious drug that poisons the organs in your body. Stop smoking gradually to feel better.

* Drink pure clean water. Water is hydrating and contains oxygen which helps your body and mind to feel good.

* Do things that make you feel healthy and strong.

* Take care of yourself.

* Distance yourself from negative people and situations.

* Read positive words. In time your mind will believe what you program into it.

* Relax.

* Remember that worry is something the mind creates out of fear not reality. Most of what you worry about never happens. Use worry to guide you in the right direction, and remind you of what you need to do, but do not let it run your life.

* Sleep as much as you need to feel better.

* Figure out what is hurting you and release it from your life.

* Remember that no one is perfect, and no one has a perfect life, no matter what things look like. We are all human beings and we think and feel the same things. We experience the same problems in life. And we all have times of feeling good and of feeling not so good.

* Eat healthy foods.

* Eat foods that you love. Life is not about depriving yourself of what you enjoy.

* Avoid severe dieting. This will only make you feel not well. Your mind needs food to think positively, and your body needs food in order to feel good.

* Remember that you are special.

* Remember that you are loved.

* Remember that you have friends that care about you.

* Let others follow their path.

* Make a list of things you would like to do for your life.

* Follow your own path.

* Be honest.

* Spend time with animals because they are healing.

* Enjoy good feelings.

* Spend time with nature.

* Spend time with funny people. They will make you laugh.

* Relax and be funny.

* Learn to laugh.

* Remember that everyone feels depressed at some point in their life. It's normal and it will pass as all things do.

* Remember that everything changes. The good and the bad. It all changes. That is the nature of life. Whatever you are experiencing and feeling, it will pass.

* Talk to someone. The simple act of talking will help you to feel better.

* Talk with a counselor. He or she can help you to feel better about life.

* Write your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Writing is healing.

* Think of the things you like about yourself.

* Think of the things you like about others.

* Spend time with friends.

* Friends have a magical way of making us laugh and feel happy.

* Remember that exercise creates healing chemicals in your body that make you feel good. Exercise releases negative feelings and will help you to feel better about anything that is bothering you.

* You are in control of your life.

* You can change anything you don't like.

* You can create a life you love.

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