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Reducing Stress

Stress reduces your ability to pay close attention to anything. This greatly influences your ability to use your mental powers to the fullest of their ability! It's important to learn how to reduce stress in your life - for your psychic health as well as your physical!

The first step in managing stress is to find ways to eat healthy foods and drink ample water every day. When your body is hungry or low in proper nutrients it has a much greater difficulty in dealing with the normal ups and downs of daily life. Carry water with you in your car. Keep healthy snacks at your desk. Eat small, regular meals. The more well you can eat, the more smoothly your life will go.

Next, make sure you get as good a night's sleep as you can every night. There are many ways to help this happen. Darken your room as much as possible, either with thick shades or curtains or a face mask. Try to keep the area quiet or, if there's noise outside of your control, get a sound machine / air filter. Those are great at masking the noises so you can sleep better. Cut caffeine from your diet, especially after noon, and try chamomile tea or warm milk before bedtime. Learn meditation techniques to help quiet your mind from racing thoughts.

Numerous studies have found that journals are incredibly helpful in reducing stress. You might think that just writing words on paper couldn't help with real life problems, but for a variety of resaons it really does make a difference. You can journal in a notebook, online, on your phone, or in any other way that works for you. Talk about the things you're experiencing. Brainstorm long and short term solutions. Just vent. Whatever you write about, it helps to reduce the stress.

Build a supportive community around you. We all have toxic people in our lives and sometimes we are "stuck" in a situation where we cannot escape them. Make sure you bolster your support with positive, upbeat people who believe in you and your goals. They can be in person or online. Build that cheerleading group to keep you going.

Take deep breaths, go for walks, and build coping techniques. There are always going to be hurdles you face in life. You can't choose the hurdles - but you can choose how you react when you run into one. If there's a way to change the situation, start taking steps to make that change. If you can't change a situation, start brainstorming ways to make it feel better to you. Ask your support group for ideas. There's always some sort of a step you can take to make things even slightly better. Cherish those small steps.

Believe in your goals. If you map out your long term goals, and make sure the steps you're taking now are moving you towards those goals, it's much easier to accept the ups and downs life throws at you along the way. You realize they're just a momentary roadblock or hurdle in the long journey that is life. Cherish every day you have. It is a precious gift, and life is too short to squander it on damaging stress.

Post in our forums - we're happy to help out with all sorts of stress reducing ideas!

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