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What Are Psychic Powers?

The first step in learning to improve any ability is to understand what that ability is all about. If you want to learn to eat in a more healthy manner, you learn what foods are healthy and how they help your body. The same is true in the world of psychic powers!

Psychikos in Greek refers to the mind. Therefore psychic powers are powers that you have which are based on your mind. You could ask, well, then isn't having a good memory a psychic power? How about being able to do really well at Scrabble? Yes, those are certainly all powers that are related to your mind. Where people make the distinction with psychic powers is that there are some powers they understand - and then other powers they do not understand. Those they do not understand then become called "psychic powers".

This is of course a fascinating subject. Five hundred years ago if a person had metal attracted to their body - like having a spoon able to stick to their forehead - it would be called magic or witchcraft. In modern times we have several documented cases of these "human magnets" and we now understand it has to do with a natural magnetism that we all possess in different levels. Our understanding has helped something go from "supernatural" to "a normal biological situation." Who knows what other powers will make this same change over time! After all, scientists used to be convinced that the sun moved around the earth.

Because scientists currently have a certain view on how time works and how space works, three key areas of mental ability which are currently delegated to the "psychic" category are:

Extrasensory Perception - this is when the person's mind can sense something that scientists feel should not be able to be sensed. They can see something that is too far away for the human eye to see. They can hear something that is too far away for the human ear to hear.

Precognition / Fortune Telling - this is when the person's mind can see something that has not yet happened. They are able to gain information about future events.

Telepathy - this is when one person can pick up thoughts, images, or sounds from another person's mind even though they are far apart. This is often thought of with twins or other close family members. There are stories of one family member "knowing" when another family member passed away, for example, because they heard the other person tell them goodbye.

Again, while scientists might find these baffling right now, it wasn't that long ago that scientists were baffled by a person who could slow their heart beat down until it was barely detectable. They thought that was witchcraft. Now we know that slowing your heartbeat can be done with meditation and training, and in fact doctors teach pregnant women these types of techniques to deal with the pressures of childbirth.

It's worth it to think about the powers of the mind and how to improve those skills!

Improving your Psychic Abilities

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Improving your Psychic Abilities
What Are Psychic Powers?
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