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Dungeon Keeper 2: 2000 Update!

When I first reviewed Dungeon Keeper 2, I complained that there were a few (just a few!) minor issues that kept this game from being the very best it could be.

Then along came Update 1.61!!

If you don't have this patch, go download it immediately! It fixes the random crashes that would happen, mostly of course when you were JUST about to win the level. This is probably the key fix.

There are other changes as well. In the original game, when you completed a level, the game just stopped! You couldn't go scouting for any missing bonus levels or other items. With the patch, you can keep playing out the level until you decide you are done searching.

There are now elite creatures available for multiplayer and 'My Pet Dungeon' levels. This is quite fun! If you create the right combination of rooms, the new elite creature will come and join you. Experiment to find out what those combinations are!

There are also many smaller fixes and changes - more maps, more temple recipes, better graphics in various areas, better multiplayer funcationality.

In short, this is definitely a patch to apply! Be sure to download it if you have Dungeon Keeper 2, and if you don't have DK2 yet - what are you waiting for?

Dungeon Keeper 2 Walkthrough
Dungeon Keeper Walkthrough

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