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Asheron's Call Walkthrough:
Dryreach Information

You need a key to get into Dryreach. You can get this at most nearby towns.

Orcud the beggar
give 10p tells of portal to direlands in Tumerok camp
Binthur the beggar 10p Bael'Zharon scary

items dbl price sell food for tons
arrows 200 and 220
tumerok collector in pub

Dinsmul beggar awrriors and priests don't carry insignia
tumerok fighter lvl 9 100hp
lots of bunnies makes it hard
Binthurn 10p rumor about temple in Direlands like in Osteth near Sho by Empyram

crier 16p black virindi
orcud 50p only wing collectors give $ for gold pw from the direlands
50p Binthura Beal'Zheron

Dinsmeal 50p Dansharki imprisoned strange spell comp
sister YuVuo-Ki is NW of here

sees chg hides diff properties
Binthura 100p
Tumeroks from swamp main E direlands elsewhere too

Asheron's Call walkthrough

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