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Asheron's Call Walkthrough:

Eastham is an excellent town for middle level (5-20) characters to hang out in. It's got great shops, lots of great monsters, and a well laid out town.

There's an Ivory crafter above bowyer, and a Wing collector in tavern - 150/red, 250/blue. You also find Olivier Rognath - he says there's a Banderling conquest dungeon far west of Sawato, bring back mace shaft.

At 18.6N 62.8E is a lifestone and steel forger - says Alieste the Loquacious uses his armor with fire elemental stones

There are long flat beaches with lots of monsters. 17.5N 65.7E is especially monster-rich. There's an archmage in a house on the beach at 26.3N, 63.3E who is very overpriced. There are also various portals:

eastern sewer 18.8N 63.4E
meeting town portal 19.1N 64.2E
thieves den portal 17.7N 64.9E
Seaside lair portal 17.2N 65.8E

Note that on the way to Rithwic from here is a leather crafter (11.3N 61.5E) and Filos' Doom Portal (12.0N 62.2E)

Asheron's Call walkthrough

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