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Asheron's Call Walkthrough:
Fletching Tips and Tricks

I thought for a while that fletching was a silly thing to learn, since you can easily buy arrows. However, not only is it lighter to carry around the raw materials, but you can also fletch some killer kinds of special arrows if you have an alchemist around (or learn alchemy yourself!).

To fletch from the ground up, get a whittling knife. You can then whittle any sticks you find into shafts.

You tend to find arrowheads everywhere, but you can also buy them at a bowyer. Just use the arrowhead on a shaft to make arrows. You can make special arrows by using special arrowheads - broad heads, greater heads, etc.

If you get some oils from an alchemist, you can mix the head plus the oil to make neat arrows. Mix a frost oil with a head to make a frost head, or a lightning oil with a head to make a lightning head. You then mix that with a shaft to make frost arrows or lightning arrows or so on. Note that you have to mix the oil with the head - it doesn't work on the shaft or with a completed arrow.

Don't bother with the fletching guide you see around - it really says nothing useful.

If you're getting arrows at a town, shop around. They can range from 100p up to 200p from shops that are next door to each other!

Asheron's Call walkthrough

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