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Asheron's Call Walkthrough:
Lytelthorpe: Things To Do

In the East outpost is Ercel, the wing collector. If you give him a Red Wasp wing, you'll get 150p. What he really wants, though, is a book in some ruins to E - the forgotten temple. Go fetch the book for him, and he'll give you a recommendation for Lord Aleval. He also asks you to go help Beltslora in the W Outpost.

At the West Lytelthorpe outpost, you find Beltslora. Now you have to go fetch a shirt in a cave to the North. Sure enough, at 2.3N, 48.3E you hit the ruined cave outpost. When you return it, you get yet another recommendation for Lord Aleval.

You'll find Lord Aleval in the central castle in Lytelthorpe central. He wants nectars and ambrosias from the distillery. He'll give you a key to get through the locked door. Fetch the two items, and for each one you get 200p, 2 potions of healing and 500xp.

The going rate for 100 arrows at the bowyer is 140p. Cemcera has them for 110p. There's a collector in the bar - deals in rats, wasps, armor, drudge, mosswarts, banderlings, no hides. White rat tail gets you 50p.

Asheron's Call walkthrough

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