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Asheron's Call Walkthrough:
Nanto Things To Do

This town has a lot of good places for new characters as well as nastier monsters for higher levels. Ji Ra Ping in N Nanto gives letter for archmage apprentice (in tower) Bring to Shin Ro. He says in the water temple is water bottle, gives key. Get it 200 pot heal 100 pyr 500xp. Note that the Water temple is full of drudge skulkers.

Invo Kon Kou wants a book from the dungeon to the east - at 52.6S 86.7E. Give book to IKK - 200p 2 pot heal 500xp

Miyako Nujou-Wah, in an unlabelled buidling on middle lvl, wants poems from the Mysterious Tunnels.

There's an Alchemist and collector up in bowery.

Shin Ro in the main tower gives 45p for broken taper. He's also the town stamp person.

In the pub, Wa Shi wants rat tails from the lair SW of waterfall. Note that the rats are easy, but this area is SWARMING with evil monsters that you have to get through first. Be ready to run.

The Rat person pays 50p for tan, 75p for white, 120p for grey, 200p for brown, none for russet. Remember that leggings help against rats

There's a collector by archery shop, phyntos wasps, rat, armoredillo, drudge, mosswart banderling. 75p drudge charm, 75p phynto swing

Asheron's Call walkthrough

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