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Asheron's Call Walkthrough:
Rithwic Things To Do

This is a lovely town built on both sides of a river. This makes it more of a pain to move around in than the traditional square town, though. There's a wizard to the east above one of the buildings. Arrows are only 100p!

Celcynd is in the pub, he's the town stamp person. The bartender has lots of rumors for you.

Both outpost quests here have to do with the old warehouse. Brentcella tells you she used to live there. When you go in, you find a letter from Brentcella to Celcynid saying she doesn't want to see him any more. Give this to Celcynid and he gives you her ring. You can either bring this to Brentcella, or to his new girlfriend Mindorla. Either one gives you 2 potions of healing, 200p, and 500xp.

Asheron's Call walkthrough

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