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Asheron's Call Walkthrough:
Yanshi: Things To Do

I love starting at Yanshi, since it's right in the heart of everything. There are also great areas to go and build your character up without much trouble. It's very hilly and swampy here.

If you start in the northern outpost, you'll meet Lou Ei, the collector. He wants his bracelet back from the east. You barely have to leave the town before you find a low cave in the woods. There are only 4 Drudge Skulkers guarding it, just pick them off. When you bring the bracelet back, he gives you writings for Dai Ya.

Dai Ya is in Yanshi proper, above the healer's shop. He collects any works from Jhong Mi. When you give him the writings, he gives you 200P, 2 potions of healing, and 500xp.

There's a ruin by South Yanshi (13.0S, 47.3E) which is great to explore. Stop by South Yanshi first - Te Ven will give you keys to open the chests there.

The collector in the town tavern collects drudge charms, and there's a House of Drudges nearby (14.0S, 45.3E). There's also a Yanshi tower (8.8S 46.5E) full of drudges, north of N Yanshi outpost.

There are also rats at 11.4 46.3 and mosswarts at 17S 45E.

Asheron's Call walkthrough

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